Once Upon A Geek – Doctor Who Fury from the Deep


To celebrate the 60th anniversary of Doctor Who, Shag and Justin (from The Fanholes Podcast) dive into a classic 2nd Doctor episode from 1968! Shag's never seen this animated story, so it's new to him! Plunge with us into FURY FROM THE DEEP! Additionally, we discuss our favorite 2nd Doctor stories, which missing episodes we'd rescue, and our experience with previous Doctor Who anniversaries!

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8 responses to “Once Upon A Geek – Doctor Who Fury from the Deep

  1. I’ll go ahead a tell my doctor who story here . The first classic doctor who story my family and watched all together was remembrance of the Daleks . My brothers favorite classic doctor is the first while I like the third best .
    Have to ask which do like better delta and banner men or the web planet and why ?

  2. Thanks for the great show, guys: a wonderful tribute to the 60th Anniversary!
    The lost episodes of Doctor Who were in large part due to the high cost of videotape in the 60s & 70s. The higher powers in the BBC looked at their library of cans of film & tape gathering dust, thought no one could ever be interested in re-watching some disposable kids show in… oh, say, 50 years time… and set about wiping historic TV shows in the belief that they had little to no intrinsic value, but which would be absolute gold-dust to Doctor Who fans should they resurface today.

    Fury From The Deep is a perfectly decent story; its reputation has been bolstered by the fact that the original episodes have been wiped from existence. That said, the gas-emitting scene of Quill and Oak is extremely creepy and would surely have frightened the pants off any unsuspecting kids in the 1960s – heck, Quill’s wide-eyed, gaping-mouth expression scares the crap out of me to this day!

    The story is written by Victor Pemberton – who would go on to write Doctor Who’s very first audio adventure: “Doctor Who and the Pescatons” which starred fourth Doctor Tom Baker and the Ultimate companion, Lis Sladen’s Sarah-Jane Smith. Both Fury from the Deep and The Pescatons have some striking similarities, including featuring a main foe that lived in the ocean and was vulnerable to very high frequency sound. Maybe you could cover this story in a future show, Shag – an interesting comparison to this story?

    Thanks again, guys. Wishing you a very Happy 60th Anniversary – hope to share thoughts about the special episodes with you somewhere online soon!

  3. Great episode! Doctor Who has been my favorite TV show since I discovered it on my local PBS affiliate in the early Eighties. Back then, it was Pertwee, Tom Baker, and Davison episodes that were shown, but when I was in high school, the station began showing the black and white episodes on weekday afternoons. I’ve never had the chance to see or listen to any version of Fury from the Deep, but I did read the Target novelization.

    As far as my favorite 2nd Doctor story, it would be The Mind Robber closely followed by The War Games. The former features the kind of premise that you would only find on Doctor Who. And I love the TARDIS crew’s encounters with Gulliver and the superhero from Zoe’s time. Yeah, it’s hard to beat Jamie and Zoe when it comes to companion duos.

    I don’t know if you count Sara Kingdom and Katarina from the Hartnell era as legitimate companions, but they definitely had sad departures. It doesn’t get any sadder than dying.

    Finally, my wife swears that she got a second date with me because she had met Tom Baker, my favorite Doctor. While I’d like to think that I would have gone out with her again anyway, she may have a point.

    In my secret identity, I serve as a pastor and Shagg may be interested to know that I titled a recent sermon “Find Your Joy” inspired by this very podcast series. Oh and Heroes Con is great. We live only an hour and a half away from Charlotte and go every year for a Father’s Day/Our Anniversary present.

  4. Guess I’ll
    Talk a little bit about my doctor who origin story the episode that got in to Doctor who was asylum of the Daleks . First classic Doctor who story I ever saw was tomb of the cyber men .
    Favorite modern Doctor Peter Capaldi.
    Favorite classic Doctor John Pertwee
    Favorite Companion Jamie .
    Thou I’ll give a nod to the Gosht the super hero .who the Doctor mentors as a kid .
    Also I agree the mind robber is fun especially the battle the Doctor has with master of land fiction .
    You said you listened to the big finish stories there is four part story arc three where Jamie is on an adventure with the Colin baker doctor and one of this version of Jamie solos . Have heard those and if so what are your thoughts?
    Also did you get the doctor who magic the gathering decks that recently came out ?
    Also looks the under water menace is the next story to get the animated treatment any thoughts? Also id to see the highlanders animate as well .
    This Bucky749 signing off sorry for rambling.

  5. Oh I forgot sorry
    Favorite Doctor who villain the yetis
    Favorite classic Doctor who story the web of fear .
    As it was the first target novel I ever read . The first Doctor who novel I read was Doctor who wheel of ice . Sorry sorry if I’ve rambled to much I don’t get to talk Doctor who a whole lot .

  6. Like many who responded on social media, The Highlanders is my pick for recovering a lost Doctor Who, though to be fair, they’ve animated so much of the lost stuff in the 2nd Doctor era that my wishlist has more 1st Doctor in it now! The Myth Makers probably of the highest priority.

  7. Over the years, Patrick Troughton has become one of my favorite (classic) Doctors, along with Sylvester McCoy. So, it was great to hear you cover one of Troughton’s “lost” episodes.

    When my wife received a BritBox subscription a few years ago, the first thing I did was rewatch all of the classic Who episodes that they had available. One of the best parts of that rewatch was discovering the animated reconstructions. Talk about finding your joy. Yes, it was difficult to stay awake through some of them, but I’d still rather have them than not.

    Thanks for another remarkable episode.

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