Panel by Panel: Happy Whoniversary!

This November 23rd is the 58th Anniversary of Doctor Who, so Siskoid invited the gracious host of Straight Outta Gallifrey, Ashford Wright, to give Panel by Panel's now-legendary Randomizer a spin, but unusually, focusing only on Doctor Who comics and comic strips! The chosen panel is out of a 50th Anniversary special event - Doctor Who: Prisoners in Time #4!

A clean look at the image in the Panel by Panel Supplemental.

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6 responses to “Panel by Panel: Happy Whoniversary!

  1. While I watched the TV series religiously as a teen, my only experience with the comics was the strips that were in the handful of Doctor Who Magazine issues I acquired. So, I enjoyed learning more about the various comic book series.

    One thing I noticed in the panel is that the stampeding creatures on the left are angled in such a way that they appear to be running up into the air with no ground beneath their feet. I figure that these alien creatures can either 1) fly like Santa’s reindeer, or 2) their odd trajectories are intended to add to the sense of chaos and confusion in the moment.

    Thank you for another excellent episode.

  2. It’s always a delight to hear Ashford on the network and who better for a special edition of this all-too-irregular show? I loved your discussion of the elements in the drawing, and how I that talk broadened into a wider discussion of companion costumes. I think my favourite looks are Turlough’s cricket sweater and Jamie’s kilt.

    I know Ashford was referring to the Fedora, but why is it ‘a Herbert Danton hat’? Google was no help… perhaps I misheard.

    1. Martin, it’s Herbert Johnson, a Bond Street hatter. Their “Poet” model was the original Indiana Jones fedora. (I heard the name better and just learned all this with my own searching.)

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