Panel by Panel: Roller Derby Lois

Siskoid and special guest Paul Cornish look at a rolleriffic panel from Superman Family #198 (Nov-Dec 1979), bringing you your quarterly dose of analysis of that discrete unit of comic book story-telling that is the panel.

A clean look at the image in the Panel by Panel Supplemental.

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5 responses to “Panel by Panel: Roller Derby Lois

  1. It’s so great to have Panel By Panel back, and with another Brit! What a treat to hear Paul talk a classic Lois Lane frame.

    I wasn’t aware Lois had ever tried roller derby, Superman Family issues being like hens’ teeth here in the UK.

    I do like that the story brought in our heroine’s knowledge of Klurkor, it was good that things from the ‘60s continued into the ‘70s, making it clear that we were reading Lois’ life story in instalments.

  2. Excellent, entertaining analysis of an intriguing panel! I think I can figure out the backstory from this panel alone. My guess is that “Regi” was a roller derby star who died in an “accident” in the rink, prompting Lois to investigate by going undercover. (Possibly at the request of “Bobbi,” perhaps a friend of Lois’?) Lois’ snooping revealed that Regi’s skates were tampered with, and Lois is trying to leave with the skates as evidence…leading up to the situation we see here, with the rest of the team trying to stop her.

    The Neal Adams (RIP) character you’re thinking of was indeed called Skateman, in a one-shot published by Pacific Comics. (I doubt that it was INTENDED to be a one-shot, but it was canceled before a second issue could appear.)

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