Panel by Panel: Punks

On this episode of Panel by Panel! Siskoid and special guest Daniel "Pout" Ouellet make an emergency recording and with almost no preparation, cover a panel from Fialkov and Chamberlain's collage book Punks: The Comic #3. The results will surprise and entertain!

A clean look at the image in the Panel by Panel Supplemental.

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3 responses to “Panel by Panel: Punks

  1. I just finished binging this show and I am really amazed how how much I enjoyed it because the premise seems impossible to execute. Yet, the idea of slowing down and examining one panel (in the amount of time that it probably takes to read an entire comic), out of context, really allows you to see stuff you probably gloss over when following the narrative of the story. What this show has done is show me how sometimes I tend to forget how everything in art, of any medium, is usually purposeful. What you see is supposed to be there, and skipping the details can rob you of some enjoyment.

    Not being someone with an art background or much knowledge to pull from, it was always interesting to hear people discuss the panels from an almost technical POV and covering some symbolism and allegories. It was also fun to get a more layman’s kind of interpretation that didn’t dive too deep in each color choice or brush stroke.

    There were a lot of really fun moments in this run. I felt like I could actually hear Shag’s eyes roll as he got stuck with a slaughtered goat when all he wanted to do was see some whales, and there is probably a gambling website somewhere that has odds on the next appearance of a fridge. Also, where else would you hear the phrase “attacking the chicken ferociously”?

    Just an all around unexpected fun thing to listen to and these episodes have been funny, interesting and informative.

    As far as this latest episode: this one is wild, and for some reason it makes me think of They Might be Giants. Specifically a moment in the song “Snowball in Hell” where they sample dialogue from a self-help organization tape during the bridge.

    Anyway, Connery looks pleased more than anything else with what is going on, and when you get to see the rest of the page, with the toothbrush men, the panel of judges and some of the Baldwin brothers, it all makes sense and really clicks.

    I’m kidding, it’s bonkers. But I love it and now feel like I want to read the entire thing.

  2. Fun episode! Amazing to put together on such short notice! I had never seen Punks before so that was interesting and I LOVED your mini Dada comics! I don’t get them but that’s the point I think!

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