Panel by Panel: The One Jerry Ordway Comic Xum’s Never Seen

FW Presents Panel by Panel, the show that dissects a single comic book panel from the last 85 years of comics history every episode. Professor Xum joins Siskoid for some panel action and the randomizer hands them... Man of Steel: The Prequel, an online release from 2013 by David S. Goyer, Geoff Johns, Zack Snyder, Sterling Gates, and Jerry Ordway, page 2, panel 2! Self-professed Jerry Ordway completist Xum Yukinori had never even heard of this before, so it's just a little bit exciting.

All relevant images in the Panel by Panel Supplemental.

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10 responses to “Panel by Panel: The One Jerry Ordway Comic Xum’s Never Seen

  1. If I remember right, I think I got access to this comic through my “special early Walmart screening” of MoS. I read it before watching the movie, so I expected more of a hint at Supergirl in the film.

    Still waiting!

    Fun episode fellas!


  2. Thanks for another tiny treat of a show. I’m scratching my head, though – twice Xum mentions that the panel has five characters, am I missing one? Neither can I see what you guys are interpreting as taps… been reading too many Faucet Comics?

    1. Behind Kara, there’s a woman. Behind that woman is another character, we just see the top of their head, just hair (brown) and eyes (creepy). We should have talked about them more.

  3. I don’t think this was a physical book but was on-line for advanced viewers of Man of Steel.

    Here is my coverage:

    As was mentioned, the open pod in Man of Steel was supposed to be Supergirl. She was going to be in the sequel. It had been mentioned she was to be frozen in ice like Cap. Given Snyder’s take on things, I am glad it didn’t happen.

    The book has the standard Gates love of Kara. It really is a fine story for her.

    Haven’t thought about this in a while so glad to revisit it. Great breakdown of the panel!

  4. This is a great show! What an unusual comic to randomly appear. What strikes me is how much gray there is in the panel, and how subtle all the other colors are. I’ll admit that I’m old, and I am unaccustomed to reading 21st century comics, but I still don’t really like most digital coloring jobs. Kara head is given a kind of halo with the white coloring behind it, but it is still pretty subtle. The dominant image in the panel is the blade. Ordway has put a lot of attention into the suits the characters are wearing, nice catch on the drinking(?) tubes!, but somehow it seems too much.

    1. Glad you liked it. I’ve got a backlog of people wanting to do one (and episodes recorded and waiting for a spot in the schedule), but I’m not forgetting you volunteered for one! Maybe 4 episodes in the future, I’ll get back to you.

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