Panel by Panel: Dial P for Panel

Ward Hill Terry makes his podcasting debut as a guest on FW Presents Panel by Panel, the show that dissects a single comic book panel from the last 85 years of comics history every episode. The revolving finger falls on a Jim Mooney panel from a Dial H for Hero story straight out of 1966's House of Mystery #158. It's a random panel about a random hero! Plus, a lot of Dial H talk and your feedback from our previous episode.

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14 responses to “Panel by Panel: Dial P for Panel

  1. Great to hear Ward Hill Terry’s voice on a podcast! Although he did send Cindy and I his wonderful “House of Franklin-Stein” song he wrote and recorded, which we played last year. And we’ll be playing it again VERY soon!

    Ward (or Terry, whichever you prefer to be called), you’re a natural. Welcome to podcasting!

    I don’t know why I didn’t get into Dial “H” as a kid. It seemed tailor-made for a would-be-artist kid like myself. I was always designing super-heroes. So why didn’t I send in a submission? I have no clue.

    I agree this panel is a lot of fun. I could see LIchtenstein or one of the pop artists of the day ripping it off as a “generic” example of super hero comics. It would also look great on a T-shirt!

    Fun show, as always!


  2. Great podcasting debut for Ward Hill!

    IDK I never really warmed up to the Dial H strip, in either incarnation. Despite my artistic background, I never cared to submit a concept and it always felt like the heroes that did show up were pretty far down on the Mort scale. Don’t even get me started on how angry I was that the later incarnation of DHFH replaced Aquaman and Plastic Man in Adventure Comics, interrupting two of my favorite runs of those characters.

  3. Great episode and always great to hear someone join the podcasting crowd! Welcome aboard Ward!

    Dial H seems like a hoot. I am enjoying the new series, enjoyed Professor Alan’s coverage on his show, and seeing this panel. The liquid shooting helmet of the Squid sounds like something a kid would design.

    I really enjoy this show! So interesting to hear the single panel dissected!

  4. Great debut from Ward/Ward Hill (is Hill surname, middle name.. help!).

    The H Dial was missing for years in the DC Universe because the Martian Manhunter had it… Dial O for Oreo

    I don’t think many artists did their own lettering back then. Apart, I suppose. It was more a matter of custom – if writer and artist were credited at DC in the Silver Age it was a miracle.

    You didn’t get my ‘no kidding’ gag last time! Goat figure!

  5. FOLLOW UP: In between this episode’s posting and today, I have had the pleasure of meeting Terry in person at the Boston Fan Expo. I can verify he was a total delight and we were happy to add him to our rolling party. He was part of my birthday-night dinner on the Boston waterfront and it was great getting to speak to him IRL.

  6. I resisted as long as I could, but no, this show kept pulling at me and finally had to give it a listen. Started a couple of episodes back, and I’m hooked. DARN YOU, SISKOID! SO MANY PODCASTS!

    And Terry! Wow man, great job! You’re such a natural for this! Please get this man more guest slots, F&W! (And it was excellent meeting you at Boston Fan Expo!)

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