Pod Dylan #138 – Tin Angel


Episode 138 - Tin Angel

Rob welcomes Bobcat Douglas LeRose to discuss "Tin Angel", from 2012's TEMPEST.

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4 responses to “Pod Dylan #138 – Tin Angel

  1. I love episodes like this, where a guest brings a new insight or interpretation to a song that Rob hasn’t thought of before. To me, that just emphasizes the power of bringing different perspectives to the table. Well done, Douglas and Rob.

  2. Hey Rob,

    I love all the shows on the network and I am a big Dylan fan. I just wanted to point out to you that a highway is not a 1950’s invention but goes back to the Roman Empire. Regarding the old-timy feel of Tin Angel I give you the definition of a highway from Britannica.com.

    “In the common law of England and Wales, a highway occurs where there is a public right of passage over land at all times “without let or hindrance” that follows a particular route. … A footpath is a highway over which there is a public right of passage for pedestrians.“

    Think of the English Highwaymen with Tricorne hats and flintlock pistols. To quote Adam Ant “Stand and Deliver!” or Monty Python’s Dennis Moore and his bloody Lupins.

    I can see Bob using that imagery for the olden days highway and cast Henry Lee as a highwayman stealing the boss’s wife. In real life Henry Lee III was a revolutionary war figure and later was the governor of Virginia which does put him in the flintlock era.

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