Pod Dylan #141 – Hearts of Fire


Episode 141 - Hearts of Fire

Buckle up, everybody! Rob welcomes fellow Bobcat Rebecca to discuss Bob Dylan's 1986 film HEARTS OF FIRE! You want some eggs?

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3 responses to “Pod Dylan #141 – Hearts of Fire

  1. That was fun, and I had no idea this movie existed, but I like a good cinematic train wreck story!. Good on Rebecca for cultivating a brand. She was great!

    Oiled-Up Muscle Saxman Timmy Capello is about to get name-dropped on the network again in a few weeks…

  2. Late in commenting on this,but couldn’t let it pass without letting you and Rebecca know how much fun this was to listen to!

    I nominate Rebecca to come back for a Film and Water!

    Your episodes that depart from the standard format are always an enjoyable change of pace- next up for me is the 30th anniversary concert episode!

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