Pod Dylan #18 – Wanted Man/Abraham, Martin, and John



Rob welcomes Fire and Water Network All-Star Chris Franklin to discuss a song Bob Dylan wrote but never recorded, the Johnny Cash tune "Wanted Man." Then for an encore, Rob flies solo to talk about one of his favorite obscure Dylan performances, a live 1981 cover of the Dion classic "Abraham, Martin, and John."

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4 responses to “Pod Dylan #18 – Wanted Man/Abraham, Martin, and John

  1. Another solid show (that I didn’t book)! Admittedly, it took some adjusting not to hear Mr Franklin being beaten during a recording session.

    Fact: Johnny Cash is the greatest vocalist who is not Freddie Mercury, Ann Wilson, Roy Orbison or Elvis Costello.

    Also really liked the end segment. Nice deep cut, Rob.

  2. Really enjoyed this show, Rob and Chris: lots of fun information and good stories about a song that I don’t always remember is a Dylan song. I love the part where Dylan walked around Johnny Cash like he would a tree!

    And Rob, I have a recording of that Seattle 1980 show where he played Abraham, Martin, and John. It’s a great show with lots of deep cuts: Rise Again and City of Gold. Fantastic choice!

    1. By the way, wouldn’t it be great if the next Bootleg Series concentrated on those 1980-1981 shows? Maybe I’m just a super-fan, but I get the feeling the Bootleg Series is really tiptoeing around that period, despite his creative proclivity and absolutely rocking band.

  3. I loved that closing performance Rob. Very touching stuff. Saves it from that rambling moron who was on the first part. 😉


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