Pod Dylan #19 – Bob Dylan, Live in Concert!


Episode 19 - Bob Dylan, Live in Concert!

Rob welcomes back fellow Dylan mega-fan PATRICK BUTLER to discuss their experiences seeing Bob Dylan live in concert in Philadelphia and Boston!

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5 responses to “Pod Dylan #19 – Bob Dylan, Live in Concert!

  1. i’m an old Dylan fan, been to see him 3 times, own albums,art etc etc. i’m GUTTED i can’t get to see him later this year along with The Stones, Neil Young, Macca and co. Would like to ask him why he insists on refusing to cover old tunes in the origional way they were recorded? I know he loves all that ‘re-invention’ stuff but honest Bob! let’s here Rolling Stone circa Highway 61 Revisited please. And all that. 🙂

  2. Interesting theory there, Rob, that the Sinatra albums might be a way to “clear the decks,” in the same way that World Gone Wrong and Good As I Been to You might’ve set the foundation and tone for one of my favorite runs of Dylan albums. Could the Sinatra albums do the same? Man, I’d like to think so.

    And yes, bring on the memoirs of Tony Garnier.

  3. Great show fellas. I felt like I’d seen it with you. If Bob came near here, I’ll admit, I’d be tempted now. See Kelly, mission accomplished!


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