Pod Dylan #24 – Forever Young


Episode 24 - Forever Young

Rob welcomes podcaster extraordinaire Paul Spataro (BACK TO THE BINS, IS IT JAWS?) to discuss one of Bob Dylan's biggest hits, "Forever Young" from 1974's PLANET WAVES!

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2 responses to “Pod Dylan #24 – Forever Young

  1. When I was a senior in high school in early 1991, the Prom Committee sent out a survey to vote for our Senior Prom Song. Apparently, we all voted for Forever Young. The voting ballet did not differentiate. I thought we were voting for Dylan’s song… or Rod Stewart’s variation. So, I said yes. I was a Prog Rock fan so I would have preferred a Rush or Genesis song but… it is what it is. Forever Young Won! Hooray! We all arrived at the Senior Prom. And, my gal & I began to dance to Our Song… and it was the song Forever Young by Alphaville. Look, we all love that song from Napoleon Dynamite. But, in June 1991…. it was wrong. Someone goofed and we were all confused. But, what could we do? That was our song. We danced, we loved, we said whatever. But, the thought that Dylan would be our Prom Song was exciting and cool… until it didn’t happen. On the way home, I played my gal, Cheryl, the song. She thought it was OK. I corrected her and said it was awesome. One week later. she broke up with me but Dylan and I continued to be cool. To be honest, I don’t remember which part of this story is for real and which parts I made up. I did go to the Prom. Forever Young was played. Are people still hypnotized to access their memories?

  2. Not sure how, but I wasn’t aware of this song. As you guys were talking about it, I assumed Rod Stewart just covered it, because to me, they are VERY similar. But I guess Stewart was up front about it, so it’s cool.

    Being a father, I can totally get behind the sentiment of this one. I may have a favorite new Bob Dylan song.


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