Pod Dylan #53 – Live In Philadelphia


Episode 53 - Live in Philadelphia

Fresh off seeing Bob Dylan in concert in Philadelphia, PA, Rob and his longtime friend Dan Eaker talk about the show!

Section w/audio problems: 33:30 - 37:50

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3 responses to “Pod Dylan #53 – Live In Philadelphia

  1. Fun episode. 25 years of concerts together. WOW. That’s quite an accomplishment! My concert going has been sporadic over the years. I’ve seen Bob Seger 3 times, but that doesn’t touch your 22 with Mr. Zimmerman Rob!

    I’ve often wondered…who started the whole “encore” bit at a rock concert? I imagine it was a legit call to come back to an artist or band who really was done…but the applause was answered. Either way, it’s an odd tradition if you think about it.

    Hope you can get Dan back on the show!


  2. It was a lot of fun hearing Dan’s and your immediate reactions to the concert, like I was right there sitting in the backseat of the car. My only question is why did you lock me in the trunk part way through? Is it because I kept kicking the back of your seat? I promise not to do it again, if you let me out.

    Seriously, though, I get what you were saying about just being in the same room as Dylan, and parents who take their young children to his concerts. My wife and I had the opportunity to take our then seven year old daughter to hear Peter Yarrow perform. She didn’t know him from Adam, but I hope that she’ll someday be able to appreciate the experience and say, “I got to hear him perform live when I was a kid.”

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