Pod Dylan #62 – Who Killed Davey Moore?



Rob welcomes graphic designer and boxing aficionado Michael Kronenberg to discuss "Who Killed Davey Moore?", a song  only played live from 1963-1964.

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12 responses to “Pod Dylan #62 – Who Killed Davey Moore?

  1. This was an absolutely great episode. I’m unfamiliar with the quotes and the history but knew how much Bob liked boxing and to this day does, so I got a lot to think over. I always assumed it was an attempt by Bob to be self-aware and acknowledge that everybody shares SOME blame but can totally see it as a folk song to be a folk song.

    I found an article, presumably the one referenced, though about Bob’s history with boxing and found it utterly fascinating. I had never heard him sing BOOM BOOM MANCINI or knew he hung out with him. Mancini, of course, notorious himself for his fight with Duk-koo Kim in 1982 in which Kim died. (There is a fantastic documentary on YouTube called ‘The Good Son’ about the life of Mancini and the eventual death, how it’s haunted him ever since and even meeting Kim’s son.)

    1. Thanks for listening Robert. As you hear on the show, I knew a bit about Bob’s love of boxing but had no idea to the extent of it.

  2. I’ve never heard boxing described as “the noir of sports” but I freaking love that idea. Brilliant!

    Great discussion. Loved the subject and the insights. One of the best episodes yet!

    1. Yeah, there’s something about boxing that lends itself to noir–part of it must be its the cheapest sport to re-create for a movie: just two athletes, minimal equipment, small crowds, etc. And since it’s always indoors, its perfect for smoke-filled, dank, dark, noir-ish spaces.

      No matter what show he’s on, Michael brings the knowledge. Now to see if I can fit him onto MASHCast…

    2. Thank you, Ryan. Glad you enjoyed it. Rob is a great host. I’ve been describing boxing as the noir of sports for a long time. Considering that I work for the Film Noir Foundation and started a boxing publication it all makes sense. My love of boxing goes back to my childhood, as my father was at one time a professional prize-fighter.

  3. Re Flamebird: she was about to become a semi regular on Hawk & Dove, mostly as Bette, and there was even a Titans West tease in one of the annuals.
    And Maguire did some cover and internal art down the line

  4. Boxing is immoral. Phil Ochs also wrote about Davey Moore. Gil Turner wrote about the death of Benny “Kid” Paret. A lot of people have mixed feelings about boxing. I hate boxing.

  5. This episode was like finding a copy of Life inside a copy of Sports Illustrated inside a copy of Rolling Stone.

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