Pod Dylan #68 – In The Summertime


Episode 68 – In The Summertime

Now that summer is officially here, Rob flies solo to talk about one of his all-time favorite Dylan songs, “In The Summertime”, from 1981’s SHOT OF LOVE.

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2 responses to “Pod Dylan #68 – In The Summertime

  1. WOW! I think I requested this song in a comment a while back and this certainly didn’t disappoint – this was probably my favourite Pod Dylan episode yet!

    I really appreciated your decision to go solo on this one. I totally concur with the idea that a Bob song can suddenly take on a new meaning given life’s current circumstances – so many buried treasures await!

    I have been listening to In The Summertime ever since a can remember (it was released in the year I was born) and it only really hit home to me recently when I was listening to it while on summer break (Australian time). It’s an incredibly deep song, and rather than signifying a move away from any ‘religious phase’ I think that its a fond recollection of the early days of faith, what the Bible calls our “first love.”

    Thanks “Freewheelin” for this inspirational episode and thanks Bob for another great song.

    Can’t wait for the next episode.

    1. Thanks for commenting Jonathan! Sorry if I forgot you put this song on a list/comment. I’m getting better at keeping that stuff organized!

      I’m glad you liked the show, it felt weird doing a “solo” (in Dylan-esque fashion, I recorded the whole episode twice, and nearly threw the whole thing out), but in the end I’m glad I did it and people seemed to enjoy it. Sometime I need to cover that weird-o version of “Gonna Change My Way Of Thinking” where Bob literally talks about his recording studio.

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