Pod Dylan #76 – Up To Me


Episode 76 - UP TO ME

Rob welcomes back Pod Dylan All-Star Jon Glyn to discuss "Up To Me", a lost track from 1975's BLOOD ON THE TRACKS that later debuted on 1985's BIOGRAPH.

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3 responses to “Pod Dylan #76 – Up To Me

  1. A great episode that I can’t possibly add anything to. I do want to remind/point out to John the following link. I remembered it when the latest Bootleg was announced because I just took it as gospel and expected this to be it and not BLOOD.

    This article too actually mentions a much rumored BLOOD ON THE TRACKS set that we now are getting so hopefully next will be a documentary and music from ROLLING THUNDER.


  2. Another new song, as always you and your guest provide education and insight. The picture by the cage at the post office- what do you think, is it a wanted poster? That would explain why taking it down was the good deed?

    Keep up the great work

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