Pod Dylan #78 – Political World



Rob welcomes fellow BobCat Lee Assef to the show to discuss "Political World", the dark, rollicking opening track from 1989's OH MERCY.

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8 responses to “Pod Dylan #78 – Political World

  1. Rob, thanks again for having me on the show. Now, though this nice little space, I can bring up all the stuff I completely forgot to mention while we were recording.

  2. I know I wasn’t as enthusiastic about the alternate version when we were talking about it on the show. However, hearing it at the end of the show as an edited cut into the original version, I want that alternate. Like NOW! Jammin’!

  3. I also like that line about, “He has these skills. He has these powers. And when they’re fully utilized…”. Just use your gifts and don’t half-ass it, Bob, and everything in the world is fine.

  4. After the fact, Rob, the alternate line about, “Truth is the outlaw of life. It’s hunted and slain, in the snow and the rain, or put under the doctor’s knife”, made me think of the ‘The Demon Within’ from House of Mystery #201. Shout out to you as well, Ryan.

  5. Hi Rob. I’m not a Bob Dylan fan, and I don’t own any of his albums.

    Except for this one!

    (I think that ‘Everything is Broken’ was released as a single in the UK, and certainly received some airplay, and that inspired me to pick up the CD.)

    Dirty Boogie is a great description for “Political World” – I’m a sucker for songs with a driving percussion/bass line, and here it combines well with the languid, swampy guitars. The lyrics are dark, and scarily prescient of the political world we currently find ourselves in.

    Thanks for a great discussion; it made me pull this disc of the shelf and give it a re-listen.

  6. I love your podcast but are you out of your mind? Bob would want us to vote? That in no way goes with this song or any other. “Somebody asked me if i registered to vote” but my hearts in the Highlands’. ” There’s no one here, the gardener is gone”
    Political world, if anything tells us how corrupted that world is.

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