Pod Dylan #85 – As I Went Out One Morning


Episode 85 - As I Went Out One Morning

Rob welcomes musician and music educator Nathaniel Glasser to discuss "As I Went Out One Morning", from side 1 of 1967's JOHN WESLEY HARDING.

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2 responses to “Pod Dylan #85 – As I Went Out One Morning

  1. Shagg has mentioned before how great the numbers for this show is but I hope he really appreciates just how much important it is on your mission for global domination. Guests from Brazil, Australia, Sweden and others… the tentacles of F&W are quickly crossing the globe and won’t be stopped!

  2. Enjoyed this, thanks. Always great to hear the musical elements of songs separated out from the lyrics. Dylan’s musical ability is sometimes debated but it seems to me he uses fairly simple techniques to achieve a sonic background to complement the meaning/emotion conveyed by the words. Simple and not flashy but not unsophisticated. Loved the idea that the order of who’s speaking in the song is open to interpretation-I had not ever thought about it that way. Always thought that this song takes place In a dream or at least a dream like state. Sorry to hear about the passing of Izzy Young.

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