Pod Dylan – The Year in Bob


The Year in Bob

In this special year-end episode, Rob reviews the various Dylan-related events of 2017 as well as catches up on Listener Feedback!

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7 responses to “Pod Dylan – The Year in Bob

  1. I might haave forgotten to thank you for the Joan Osbourne inteview, as I actually heard it while I was out of town for a wedding. So thank you. Also, since it pre-dates my weekly listenership, let me also mention that the episode devoted to the 1984 Letterman appearance has really stuck with me as my favorite. Sometimes I think Dylan’s musical fearlessness is just as important as his writing and performing; I’d heard about the letterman apperance for decades but I was never able to actually see it until two full decades had passed and Youtube was invented. (Oddly, what stands out in my memory as the best song-centric episode is “Abandoned Love”, possibly because I love everything that came out of the “Desire” sessions, but mostly because it was just a great and thorough discussion of a song that deserved it.

    Now it’s past my bedtime and I’m intrigued by the question of which Dylan albums contain songs not yet covered…I’m willing to stick up for the 1973 “Dylan” album–but only up to a point. Same does for “Self-Portrait”. My thesis is simple: Whatever else you might want to say about either album, you can’t call them boring. But I don’t know if either album a particular track I’d be especially willing to champion on it’s own merits…”Quinn The Eskimo” is the most notable track to debut on either title, but the “Biograph”/Basement Tapes version is the superior version. However, and correct me if I’m wrong, but it appears that for some reason nobody’s ever covered anything from “Another Side Of Bob Dylan”? Not “I Don’t Believe You”, “Chimes of Freedom”, “To Ramona” or even “It Ain’t Me, Babe”? Now there’s something to look forward to in 2018! Enough of my yakking–whattaya say, let’s boogie!

  2. Another great episode! Personally, I think it’s hard to comment too much on every episode as you always do such a great job covering the songs. Thank you for all the episodes in 2017 and I’ll be anxiously awaiting for 2018!

  3. A great year of podcasts summed up in this fantastic episode.

    I liked your observation about the lack of variety on offer for the bootleg series sets. The 9 disc Trouble No More set was expensive but given that it covers my all time favourite period of Bob’s work – I couldn’t help but fork out of the $320 Australian dollars for it! What blood on the tracks is to you, the Gospel period it for me. Here’s hoping Blood on the Tracks material ins’t too far away.

    Looking forward to Pod Dylan in 2018 – would love to hear an episode on In The Summertime from Shot Of Love.

    Thanks for all your work and yes, I totally agree that we will never repay Bob for all he’s given us!

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