Power of Fishnets 18: Werewolf? There Wulf. There Slingshot.

This episode Ryan reviews the Black Canary and Green Arrow backup stories from World's Finest #246. The Blonde Bombshell beats up some Canadians and then strips for a werewolf. Meanwhile, the Emerald Archer stalks a killer who throws rocks at people. Plus, listener feedback.

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15 responses to “Power of Fishnets 18: Werewolf? There Wulf. There Slingshot.

  1. I’m good with Dinah fighting were-creatures for a few short issues; I get seriously bored, for example, when heroes encounter the same kind of villains every month – 90 per cent of his bad guys were vultures, oxen, octopi, lizards and so on. Let’s mix it up some.

    I wonder if that moment with Ollie all proud that he’d done some crimefighting sans trick arrow (‘i did a wee-wee’) was the first time he’d shot an ordinary arrow in decades.

  2. Cheesecake for breakfast? Yes please!

    I don’t feel bad about ogling Dinah here, as Conway and Nasser portray her as a powerful, self-reliant woman, so she’s more than just a sex object. That makes it okay in my mind, at least.

    Besides, the very next issue helped confirm my sexual orientation at age 2 and a half (seriously!) so I have a soft spot for this story, even though I’ve never read this part.

    I really don’t have a problem with Dinah vs. were-creatures. I get what you’re saying, but I think a bit of variety is a good thing, and the hero should sometimes be out of their league, and into a different realm of adversaries. Besides, Dinah was a card-carrying, nearly-in-every-issue JLA member at this point, so she’d seen some seriously weird $h!t!

    I know Slingshot showed up in the GA Detective backups in the 80s, but he didn’t even rate a Who’s Who page! A real shame.


  3. I’m glad you’re covering these stories, I bought WF pretty regularly as a kid so I have fond, if dim and hazy, memories of them.

    It is sort of remarkable that writers for BC solo stories didn’t try to come up with more female-driven foes for Dinah to fight. Not to be too Shag about it, but having two spandex-clad women fighting each other seems like a recipe for sales success, esp. when your audience is pre-and-mid-adolescent boys. Instead, we get Canary fighting giant man bears. Uh, ok.

    We rarely see superheroes clean up after their fights, yet Black Canary is always stripping down to freshen up. Must be a coincidence.

    Is next week’s guest Caity Lotz? Exciting!

    Great episode as always, and thanks for calling me your best friend. I’m honored.

    F*ck Jason Chaffetz!

  4. Another great issue. Nasser and Austin are just spectacular. And yes, Dinah looks gorgeous. I will say that at the same time in Superman Family, Win Mortimer was also doing peekaboo scenes of Linda Danvers undressing … but with far less *ahem* effect. Could this be a editorial fiat from the top levels?

    As for the villains, I wonder if editorial worried boys would skip the ‘girl story’ and so added cheesecake and monsters. Dinah shedding her negligee to get into the shower? Good. Werewolves? Good. Dinah shedding her negligee to get into the shower AND werewolves? That’s two great tastes that taste great together! Exponential not additive.

  5. Wow! That’s some seriously sexy Dinah! She’s hot!!

    I don’t have the same attachment to Slingshot that Ryan does, so the subplot development didn’t bother me. However, now I want a Slingshot and Slipknot team-up!

    All those years in feedback being called Ryan’s best friend… and now this betrayal. *tears*

  6. Cry Wulf! I loved the way the Green Arrow and Black Canary stories are done in this run of Worlds’ Finest – separate yet linked, and with the same creative teams in place. Looking forward to the next episode showcasing these stories.

  7. My comment isn’t necessarily relevant to this episode but I just thought you would like to know when I was a little boy and anytime I read a comic book with that Zatanna I would always read it with a mirror so I can look at it and see what she said backwards

  8. Missed commenting on the last show, but there’s a lot of commonality, so I might as well conjoin my conversation. There still hasn’t been a Fire & Water episode covering the Manhunter from Mars back-up strip by Mike Nasser, and given the lack of Aquaman or Firestorm, I’m not sure why there would be. It would even be a stretch for a Zany Haney, since Denny O’Neil wrote all but the concluding chapter. It’s funny how Michael Netzer contacted me years ago to help spearhead a movement for him to draw J’Onn J’Onzz again, seeing as he produced a lot more Black Canary pages and to my mind is more identified with that character. They weren’t Gerry Conway in his finest form, but I’d still argue those were the superior scripts, as well. He was great on Green Arrow too, and it’s funny that thanks to the evolution of Ollie’s costume, Slingshot would be a more distinctive villain for him today than he was in the ’70s.

    I’ve never read JLofA #87, but it sounds exactly like the type of story that insured I wouldn’t seek out any more issues from that period than what passed through my comic shop unbidden at low cost for intended resale. At least Ray Palmer kept his sexual assault isolated to kissyface, unless he’s leaping for Zatanna’s cleavage in that last panel. Glad Brad Meltzer didn’t feel the need to address whatever sort of team-up Flash and Green Lantern appear to be initiating.

    After I gave you shade for rerunning material and you called me out on hypocrisy, you then gave me a free plug. Rewarding bad behavior is exactly how a Donald Trump happens, and that makes you part of the problem. You might as well just read my ad copy verbatim, for probably the greatest podcasts of all time on the Rolled Spine feed, and this is me, Ryan Daly, whose own Secret Origins Podcast is not yet a distant memory, saying this as I heartily endorse the Rolled Spine brand as another way of showing resistance.

  9. I also wanted to say: YOU WENT POLITICAL! Oh no! While discussing Green Arrow comics! The Right Wing is going to say that’s inappropriate!

    Because they’ve apparently never read a Green Arrow comic.

  10. Great episode,
    Quick comment about bears and wolves being “very different” both share a common ancestor creativity named the “bear dog”. They have similar features and facial expressions, they are not that different.
    I have stated in the past that I think humans would have a hard time telling a Bearman from a Woulfman for this reason. (I’ve actually had to defend this position multiple times while role playing!)
    Any who great episode

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