Power of Fishnets 24: Crisis on Two Fishnets… Plus: Tuff-Girl


First, Ryan Daly reviews Justice League of America #100-102, an epic tale involving the Justice League and Justice Society, as well as the return of the Seven Soldiers of Victory. Oh, and Zatanna and Black Canary show up, too.

Then, Ryan shares one of his HeroesCon 2017 prizes: the first two issues of Tuff-Girl by Bryan Mon, an indy comic featuring a crimefighter in fishnets. Check it out!

Look for Tuff-Girl updates at Bryan Mon's blog Monotonaehttp://monotonae.blogspot.com

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13 responses to “Power of Fishnets 24: Crisis on Two Fishnets… Plus: Tuff-Girl

  1. I am looking forward to listening to this episode on my morning drive tomorrow. For whatever it’s worth, the Young Justice podcast “Whelmed” dropped a Zatanna episode today – so it’s a double header of Zee for me!

    Has anyone read the new miniseries “Mystik U.” featuring our favorite lady magician? It was sold out of my local comics shop.

  2. Thanks for deconstructing a classic JLA tale to the point where now I can only see the flaws. Sigh.

    But seriously, this is where the truly “EPIC” JLA/JSA stories began, where they had to include another team to really try and up the previous year, or at least have a very interesting hook.

    It is odd that the SSOV didn’t get to actually save the day since that was the point. Reddy is just that awkward person who shows up and just throws off the group dynamic. That’s his real super power.

    The Seven Soliders have always held some strange fascination for me. I think it’s because I didn’t really know of them until reading about them in that classic DCCP “Whatever Happened to the Crimson Avenger” story and then All-Star Squadron. I’ve read a few of their GA stories in JLA 100 page giants, and oddly enough, the art in those was often superior than many segments in JSA stories. Go figure.

    Tuff Girl sounds like fun. Wish I’d seen this at Heroes Con.


    1. That’s why I almost didn’t do a full review of this JLA story. I figured this was probably somebody’s favorite story and I’m going to crap on it.

  3. I know you acknowledged it, but yeah, it is funny that you have a problem with superhero stories treating myth as history. It’s not even as if Circe was new to the DCU, she was practically a Superman and Supergirl supporting character in the early Sixties, being the friendly sorceress behind Comet the Super-Horse. OK, this Earth 2 Circe was a nastier version, but there’s a precedent.

    How can you criticise Johnny Thunder, it says right there in #102, he’s ‘the INCOMPARABLE Johnny Thunder’. The mystery that wasn’t solved was: where the heck did Johnny’s trademark bow tie go? Were they afraid that the colourist might mistake him for Jimmy Olsen and colour him accordingly?

    I disagree you had to be a fan of both dual-Earth team-ups and the SSoV to enjoy these issues, I’d never heard of the team when I bought these issues as a kid – that was part of the excitement, a team that was brand new to me meeting two favourite groups, with mini-missions to the past. I didn’t recognise then that the debuting Oracle had to be a take on the Watcher. I don’t know if I’d noticed this at the time but according to the internet Grant Morrison reworked him as a New Gods type.

    So what’s up with your preference for the sinister-sounded ‘triad’ over ‘trio’, huh huh? Every time you used the term I did an audio double take. (Remember when Triplicate Girl was renamed ‘Triad’? It just sounded wrong.)

    Tough Girl looks fun. Even more than Dinah, she reminds me of the Golden Age Black Cat from Harvey.

    Anyway, great episode. Don’t ever hold back, I love to hear other opinions on my favourite comics. I already know what I think, let’s hear Ryan Unleashes!

  4. One of the first comics I ever bought – around my ninth birthday – was Super Friends #8, where the Red Tornado was featured prominently – so I’ve always had a soft spot for the character. And I always enjoyed seeing regular schmoes on super-teams, so I also have soft spots for Johnny Thunder and Snapper Carr.

    Yes, I’m a nerd among nerds.

  5. I’ve always thought the Golden Age Aquaman would have made a great member of the SSOV, he seemed to fit more of the “B” team that populated that group. I’ve only read a few of their stories but I’ve enjoyed them, they have a different vibe than the JSA adventures.

    And yes, I guess this story doesn’t hold up to a lot of scrutiny, I still enjoy it because it is so much fun–so many characters, time travel, etc. And Reddy go boom.

  6. Recognizing the host’s (among many others) hatred of Johnny Thunder, I’m hesitant to ask this question that has been on my mind for years, but I’m not sure where I’ll have a better venue to ask folks who might know:

    In the Golden Age stories, I get the impression that Johnny Thunder is unaware that the words “Say You” (Cei-U) are the words that summon the Thunderbolt, but by the time of Silver Age stories such as this one, he seems fully aware of this fact. Was there ever a story in which Johnny actually figured this out, or is this simply something that must have “happened” in the interim between his Golden and Silver Age appearances?

  7. Clearly I’m a bit behind and catching up, but I just want to say how awesome it was for you to highlight a little known con purchased comic that fits your theme. I’ve got a few like that which will eventually see review on Punch Like a Girl, so this was almost a reminder for me to move that up a little.

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