Power of Fishnets 26: End of an Era

It's the end of Zatanna's classic fishnets era as Ryan Daly burns through the magician's final four appearances in her original costume. Included are stories from Action Comics #434 and Lois Lane #132, a cameo in Justice League of America #114, and a crazy team up with the Girl of Steel in Supergirl #7, featuring our guest host Dr. Anj! Check it out, dear listeners... for Power of Fishnets will never be the same!

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7 responses to “Power of Fishnets 26: End of an Era

  1. Really enjoyed this string of episodes, Anj is a natural podcaster. Too bad the podcasting world lost him to something as trivial as medicine.

    Unless you’ve covered it and I’ve forgotten, the only other “appearance” OG Zatanna made in the 70s was as a statue in the Hall of Justice in the Super Friends treasury comic:


    …with Canary there to boot!

    How did Zee romp around the snow in that outfit and not freeze to death? Magic, I guess.

    1. I completely forgot about that appearance in the Treasury book. I remember when you reviewed that issue that I meant to include it in my notes for her pub history because that appearance was never listed in Mike’s Amazing World. Just slipped my mind.

      Z also had another appearance in the Supergirl series. She had another backup in Supergirl issue #5 but it was a reprint of her first appearance in Hawkman. I took that off my list because I’d already covered that appearance and forgot to mention that it was reprinted.

  2. Another splendiferous show!

    The flashback of Zee meeting slimy Tony, did anyone else think it weird that ‘the most handsome man I’ve ever seen’ looks like her very own father? >ulp<!

    In the hospital story, Zee yanks off her hair without uttering a spell – she really is bald!

    As regards Supergirl’s tendency to get rebooted younger, maybe she had another extra Superman lacked, a la her Super-Intuition, an Arisia-style subconscious de-aging ability…

    It’s so sad there’s not much more of Zee in her classic costume to come, though at least the Sindella look was only for superheroing – I know she justified it as a tribute to long-lost Mom, but the better reason would be that now she was publicly superheroing regularly with the JLA she couldn’t be seen using obviously real magic in her stage duds.

  3. I enjoyed the discussion of the Supergirl and Zatana dynamic. It strikes me that there could be a real Betty and Veronica kind of vibe to that relationship. But who best to play Archie to their Betty and Veronica? Jimmy Olsen? Snapper Carr? Terry Long? There are just too many excellent candidates from which to choose.

  4. I knew there was something I forgot! Listening to you read these comments reminded me. You and Anj seemed to sock it to Tony, accusing him of being a cad. The fact is, he had a pen-pal relationship with Z and Linda.Nothing more, as far as we know. It was the ladies who were stalking him! Would you accept that from any male heroes? Showing up at his work uninvited? Sure, it worked out for him, but still….

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