Power of Fishnets 4: The Canary I’ve Been Waiting For

Ryan Daly reviews Black Canary (2015) #8 and #9. Also, listener feedback from episode 2.

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9 responses to “Power of Fishnets 4: The Canary I’ve Been Waiting For

  1. Great episode Ryan. Even though I’ve pretty much stopped buying all DC except Aquaman, the Canary book keeps jumping out to me because it looks really cool–the art style reminds me (a bit) of Toth, who drew my single favorite BC story. Given your enthusiastic review maybe I will finally take a crowbar, open my wallet, and buy a few issues.

  2. Oh dear, I had to stop the show on realising I’d not bothered to read the most recent issue. I really appreciate the craft of this series but I just don’t look forward to it. While I like Dinah, with her fierce loyalty, I’ve come to pretty much hate the band, and that they apparently demand Dinah dresses tattily. Then, when we get away from that it’s sodding ninjas again; I had flashbacks to that weird Birds of Prey story in which Dinah was letting some old biddy twat her with a stick in order to make her a better fighter/bruised.

    Still, Vixen brightened things up considerably, I’m looking forward to her return. Otherwise, I’d like Auntie Rena to fall off a cliff, she’s beyond annoying.

    As it is, I enjoyed the fill-in more than probably any other issue – a nice done-in-one, full of dark crime figures (and a crap assassin from Team 7 or somewhere). They might’ve made Julia a bit more twisted, had her just shoot Louis herself, but otherwise I really enjoyed this one – the quickly sketched characters, the ambience… I’d like a sequel in which Julia and Ditto become Besties.

    Actually, that’s not true, I’d like Ditto to go elope with a sentient stave or something.

    I always liked Moritat on Jonah Hex but the scratchyness here, apparently attempting to meet the Black Canary house style, was a bit of a disappointment. And Dinah looked like a sex worker, the double-page ‘taking down the assassins’ scene was far too geared to the (heterosexual) male gaze for a book supposedly about an empowered woman

    I’m starting to wonder how the book will end… perhaps with Dinah resolving to get a quieter day job, a card in her hand for florist school…

  3. The Vixen image reminded me of how they portrayed her totem animals on JLU…which is never a bad thing!

    A fill-in issue in the middle of a storyline is such a downer. You think they’d have just shipped the book late. Maybe they want the title off the decks before “Rebirth”?


  4. Agree with all your points.

    The Canary as fighter with Aunt as mentor/captor/potential villain is fantastic. I have been enjoying Jarrell’s work on Bombshells and thought he did fine there.

    The fill in issue was fine but did delay the continuation of the better story. That said, many fill in issues stink so I was glad this one was enjoyable.

  5. This first issue sounds reminiscant of the Monkey Fist fighting tournament from the Dixonverse books. I look forward to reading theis BC story in the trade eventually.

    Also, please allow us to put our feedback up before the episode to match you moving it to the start.

  6. OK, just a few quick notes.

    1.) SOOOOOOO happy we finally have some details on the white ninja. Thank goodness. I was seriously afraid we’d go into Rebirth with this mystery just hanging.

    2.) Vixen showing up is always a plus.

    3.) Every time you talked about the tournament the only thing running through my brain was the song “Fight to Survive” that plays during the fight montage in the movie Bloodsport.

    4.) The birthday girl doesn’t care that she was the pretty boy’s target, just that he got hurt? Stupid kids.

    Another great episode. Hope you had fun with feedback first.

  7. Hi Ryan,

    Your enthusiasm for the current Black Canary book is infectious. I feel sorry for you seeing the book become more of what you want as it progresses even as you know the book is coming to an end in just a couple of months. I hope rebirth still gives you something you enjoy because I definitely want to keep hearing you talk about the blonde bombshell.

    Take care,


  8. I mocked Shag for promoting The Fire & Water Network: Couldn’t Get Its Stuff Together Week. Despite my not managing to capitalize on your failings by spamming out a bunch of Rolled Spine Podcasts, I find I’ve appreciated the opportunity to (grrrr) “catch-up” on listening to your shows and responding to the ones not about Firestorm & Aquaman fighting crime together.

    I don’t have much to say about the last days of the Black Canary series. I’ve opted out of supporting DC Comics, especially once I realized Rebirth was going to prematurely abort the first Martian Manhunter ongoing series since 2002, a situation that stalled one of my podcasts because I still can’t produce a show covering that topic that wouldn’t end in my screaming bloody murder before sobbing in a fetal position (which may or may not prove entertaining to listeners, but still.) Maybe Ryan & I should do a podcast crossover after the series wrap where we just karaoke cover only the most disgruntled Alanis Morrisette break-up songs?

    Anyway, for me the main appeal of this Black Canary run is Annie Wu and her ability to draw rock music in comic form, so the increasing lack of Wu and rawk puts me even more off than I already was from the aforementioned publishing politics. I am thankful for the employment of The Vixen, though.

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