Power of Fishnets 6: JLMay Crossover Part 2! JLA: Year One #3 & #4

Continuing JLMay! The JLA: YEAR ONE Podcast Crossover Event! Ryan Daly and special guest Ashford Wright discuss issues #3 and #4 of JLA: Year One maxi-series.

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9 responses to “Power of Fishnets 6: JLMay Crossover Part 2! JLA: Year One #3 & #4

  1. Fantastic to hear Ashford and Ryan talking together in another superb contribution to JLMay.

    A rare error from Ryan in saying Waid’s Flash/GL Brave and the Bold preceded Year One. It was in fact a sort of sequel that came afterwards. He totally made up for it by fixing the error in the JLMay promo that opened the episode and this made me laugh out at my desk at work.

    1. Yeah, my bad on the Flash/Green Lantern: Brave and the Bold release. For some reason I thought Waid wrote it during the early part of his run on The Flash.

  2. Great job fellas. Of course the Ted Knight/Dinah Drake Lance affair is of particular interest to me, given our coverage of Starman over on Super Mates. I’m still not sure how I feel about it, but both Robinson and Waid handled it very tastefully, so it never made one feel like they needed a shower after reading about it, unlike JMS’ bat-crap revelation about Gwen Stacy and Norman Osborn. Ugh.

    I did find it kind of odd that the JLA forgot Snapper so quickly. I remember when I first read his intro in this series, I assumed Waid and Augustyn were just going to erase his part in the Starro case. They didn’t, but they seemed to kind of fudge the reconciliation with their version of Snapper just a bit. It was one of the few false notes that jumped out me in the series. But since it’s Snapper, who cares?

    I was kind of with Ashford on J’onn letting his partner go off with the sleazebag. But yeah, she’s a cop, and since J’onn knows Canary can take care of herself, I’m sure he feels the same way about Diane.

    A great couple of issues, and you guys did a bang-up job covering it. Hope Ashford comes by for more Canary team-ups in the future.


  3. The Starman and BC affair was first mentioned in Starman 21 in 1996.

    Mark Waid also seems to have neglected Infinity, Inc entirely. Dinah Jr complaining about having to always babysit the other JSA brats would have been a nice moment.

  4. Great episode.
    I love the running theme of ‘how dysfunctional are we’ that travels through this book. As was said, the moment where GL almost reveals is powerful. But much more powerful when we see that even revisited in a way later on.

    We see that question if trust/teamwork play out next issues when the Doom Patrol act as a sort of compare/contrast team.

    As for Starman, I think he and Canary had very easy chemistry in those early B&B issues which made the affair seem that much more possible. So I think it made sense, humanizing the JSA too.

    This is a great series, Waid and Kitson firing on all cylinders.

  5. Waid’s channeling a little Top Gun; but, he’s also channeling some Right Stuff, as that was the basic personality of a test pilot. Top Gun is definitely not the test pilot personality. The flying and driving and skirt chasing was true; but, not the insubordination and loner nature. Test pilots were also noted fr their leadership. i think Darwyn Cooke captures it best, in the New Frontier, right down to introducing young Hal to Chuck yeager and Pancho Barnes.

    I liked the scenes with the JSA and Dinah, as it has that family feel we had come to know. However, as JoeX says, it ignores Infinity Inc, which I suspect Waid wasn’t fond of. It is interesting that a lot of the Infinitors were killed off or sent off to exile, only to appear sporadically.

    One thing that kind of irked me about this is the portrayal of Dan Garrett. I know those Charlton Dan Garret stories aren’t popular; but, it seems to me he is treated as rather lightweight, to set up the threat of Locus. By the buy, that is the original Charlton costume, not the original Ble Beetle costume. The original Fox version didn’t have the red fin. He also had yellow gloves, though I am not sure if they were yellow first, then red, or if it changed back and forth, before red was standard.

  6. Awesome continuation of JLMay. Man that promo error is going to be around for a loooooong time. I feel like I was present at the beginning of something that will live on. Thank you to Shag and I guess Paul for this great memory!! Your voice over correction was great Ryan, well done. Really enjoying the podcast crossover. Keep up the great work guys!!

  7. Another great podcast Ryan and Ashford, and really loved the “correction” on the promo. Don’t really have much to say, as the coverage has been so great and the story has been so good. I particularly enjoyed the cameo of the young Ted Kord in Issue 3. The only thought that comes to mind though is will there be a JLMay next year, and if so, what storyline should be covered?

    1. I was having that exact thought this morning. Perhaps the Alex Ross JUSTICE series would be a good candidate (potential stories have to have Doom Patrol in it too, you understand).

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