Power of Fishnets Special: Web of Fishnets

On this special SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING episode, Ryan Daly sets Black Canary and Zatanna aside to cover Amazing Spider-Man #86 guest starring the Black Widow. What does this have to do with anything? Well, Black Widow starts the story in her original fishnet costume, and ends it, well, in a bathrobe, but in between she debuts her iconic black jumpsuit.

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Music: “Black Widow Kicks Ass" by John Debny; "Spiderwebs" by No Doubt.

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10 responses to “Power of Fishnets Special: Web of Fishnets

  1. The OG Widow is costume is seemingly one of the few superhero outfits that NO ONE has nostalgia for, I’ve never seen it cosplayed or brought back in any way. Even Black Canary’s Flashdance outfit has some appreciators these days.

    I agree, a BW movie seems like a no-brainer. The recent Waid/Samnee mini looks like movie storyboards anyway, just shoot that and call it a day.

    Glad you could squeeze one more show in before B-Day!

  2. Totally agree on the Black Widow movie potential. “Rogue One” proved that we can think about two things at the same time, and in the case of the MCU, we are already conditioned to absorb 2-4 films and several TV series in a year, so there’s no reason the Widow can’t support a film, and it doesn’t have to be a blockbuster. A few solo films – Black Widow, Hawkeye, NIck Fury, etc. – with a smaller budget and mid-winter or fall audience would be perfect to keep the franchises fresh, with no need to keep topping themselves – just a tale where Scarlett’s already notable talents can shine in the forefront.

  3. Wow! I was completely unaware of Black Widow’s fishnet phase prior to hearing this episode. I also appreciate the bold steps that you’re taking into the wider world of fishnet-themed characters. Now, I’m curious to learn who else has a pair of fishnet stockings hidden away in their closet. Darkseid, perhaps?

    I also concur that Black Widow is long over due for a solo movie.

  4. I’m honestly a bit miffed that Captain Marvel is going to be the first MCU heroine to get a movie over Black Widow. The character and ScarJo have earned that right. And honestly, it still makes me a bit mad that Marvel has the rights to that name and DC has to call Billy Batson’s alter-ego “Shazam”. I have no problem with any of the characters at Marvel who have bore that name, I just wish they couldn’t.

    Black Widow’s original outfit here looks quite a bit like the Black Canary/original Black Cat pastiche Black Siren from the Justice Guild episodes of the Justice League cartoon. Of course, Natasha came first, but yes that costume is very dated by Silver Age Marvel standards.

    Fun episode!


  5. Nice mini-episode! Good plot suggestions for a Black Widow film! Why hasn’t this been green lit already?!?!? Makes no sense!!

  6. Love the idea of occasional breaks to talk about OTHER characters who’ve been in fishnets at some point in their career.

    That being said I don’t get why everybody’s after a Black Widow movie though. I mean she’s on the Avengers, what more do we need? She should just be happy to be there. And she talks too much anyways. Good thing she doesn’t have actual superpowers because PMS would be a nightmare. Really she should just retire as soon as she finds a nice man to marry. She’ll be more suited to homemaking. Go make Tony a pie, woman! Then knit a new jumper for Hawkeye! COME ON SHAG, BACK ME UP!

    *This has been a test of the autotroll 3000. We apologize for any offense. Had this been an actual trolling situation, it would have included a link to a Breitbart article and a survey of MRA subreddit members.*

  7. I turned off the show to read the book on Marvel Unlimited and enjoyed the Spidey bits more than you, I think – the script was peak Stan Lee… you mention that he didn’t list all Natasha’s flashback sources but not that he made a gag of it in a bit. And that was typical of the tone, which managed to be self-conscious without keeping me at a distance from Peter’s angst. The as-it-turned-out flu afflicting him was a great device to help drive Natasha’s journey…. loved it.

    I didn’t think the new costume looked good here, I much prefer the original, it just screams ‘black widow’. I suppose she did need something more contemporary to fit in with the New York superhero set; this is when she became less interesting.

    The Romita/Mooney art was amazing – never mind the classic Spidey, there’s a stunningly beautiful close-up of Natasha that justifies whatever they got paid for the issue.

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