The Power Records Podcast 17 – Scooby-Doo’s Exciting Christmas Stories


Rerry Rhristras! Rob and Chris are back with a new episode of THE POWER RECORDS PODCAST, discussing two Christmas-themed audio adventures starring Scooby-Doo and Mystery Incorporated: "Trouble At Santa's Workshop" and Mystery of the Missing Santa." Plus your Listener Feedback!

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23 responses to “The Power Records Podcast 17 – Scooby-Doo’s Exciting Christmas Stories

  1. Loved this episode and these stories! With that alternate Scrappy cover I was terrified we’d get the Scrap-miester himself!

    Was that the Scooby gang singing the Christmas carols?!?

    And the most shocking thing is Mystery Inc actually let the cops do their job in the last story. They left the bad guy for the cops to catch! The record producers must have run out of time for an elaborate trap. 🙂

    Great episode! Up next… Six Million Dollar Man PLEASE!!

  2. Do you guys have a most/least favorite version of Scooby Doo? I’ve recently been rewatching Mystery Inc and it’s fantastic. For anyone unfamiliar with this series, it’s got a continuing storyline and definitely has a Buffy vibe. There are nearly a dozen Scooby podcasts now being produced. My current fave is “Scooby Doos or Scooby Don’ts” which is looking at every episode in the Scooby franchise in chronological order. They are currently at the 13 Ghosts/Vincent Price era of the mid 1980s.

    I’ve even become a fan of the current “Be Cool, Scooby Doo.” Don’t let the Family Guy art style turn you off. It’s a hoot. Here’s its Christmas Carol themed episode:

    1. I have to admit my favorite version is the classic one, the original were the ghosts and monsters were actually kind of spooky. Though the crossover with Batman and Robin does remain a favorite!

  3. Forgive me for pointing out the obvious plot hole, but why would Joe the Handyman leave Mr. Johnson tied up in the orphanage bus where he could be easily found? That’s a living, credible witness to Joe’s crime. Wouldn’t Joe have been smarter to murder Mr. Johnson and dump his body somewhere difficult to find, at least until he could secure an alibi and/or leave for a country with no extradition treaty? I’m sorry, but I found this particular Scooby Doo tale a little hard to believe.

  4. I love Scooby Doo. But I really dislike dream sequences. What’s the point? I think they could have done a great Scooby Doo meets Santa Claus ep, though maybe that’s been done. That being said. I do think that it being a dream sequence was a decent reason for Scooby to be such a good detective and hero of the story. It was bizarre to me that he wasn’t more distracted by food!

    I liked the second one. It really was a mystery that kids could solve as they listened, and that was great!

    Oh man… I’m going to do this again, aren’t I? I guess it’s to be expected with ideas for Power Records that haven’t been made…
    Supergirl also had a series made by Pendant Audio (which was a fan production in case I didn’t make it clear earlier) It was called Supergirl: Last Daughter of Krypton

    It should be noted that all of these series are a spin off of their first fan production Superman: Last Son of Krypton (featuring all these characters).

    All of the series were discontinued rather abruptly at the same time and removed from the official website. The order (though they ran at the same time for the most part) was Superman: Last Son of Krypton. Wonder Woman: Champion of Themyscira and Batman: Ace of Detectives debuted at the same time, and then they spun-off Supergirl: Last Daughter of Krypton and Catwoman: Queen of Thieves. It is A LOT of listening. (I think the Superman one went over 50 eps and the Batman and Wonder Woman ones were over thirty. (Also this was very early in podcasting. The most recent upload I can find is from 2009 and with 50 eps it must have been running for years!)

    Another fan production audio show for one of your nominees is Green Lantern. Misfits Audio made a podcast for Green Lantern that was abandoned. Much to my frustration.

    Hm… Any others? Oh, I remember. Even though he came dead last. Someone started an Iron Man series. Now this one frustrates me because it’s only two eps long, and DANG I was really looking forward to how that complicated relationship dynamic was going to work out!!!

    And I already contributed the random Dr. Strange Radio Show.

    I truly did not realize how many superhero audio shows I could name off the top of my head until you started reading that list… I might have a problem. Either way, enjoy the fruits of my addiction. I think I’ll go back to them at work too. ^_^

    1. I forgot to mention the Dr Strange radio show on the episode. I link to an episode over on the PR blog, so people could have some inkling what a Dr Strange Power Record **might** have sounded like.

      1. Ah, I didn’t realize that. I just glanced at it. Good post. Which comic book did you use for the cover?

        PS Unrelated, but I can’t edit the original post. I’m struggling with the film follies site for Superman: Last Son of Krypton (maybe because my computer is old). So I went and found this. It’s the first 16 eps, in case anyone else is having trouble.

        I also found one from 38 on. But not one for between the two.

  5. A great episode with two fun stories, gentlemen. Though, I agree with Rob that I found Scooby’s verboseness to be strangely unsettling.

    When I was growing up, the company my dad worked for in Cincinnati would hold their annual company picnic at King’s Island. So, I made it out to the park at least once a year for much of my childhood. I remember fondly the Hanna-Barbera ride that Chris mentioned, as well as the Smurf ride (complete with the continually playing la-la-la theme song) that replaced it. Those rides were in-doors and air conditioned, making them a must on hot summer days. Sadly, I don’t recall the Super Friends having a presence in Hanna-Barbera Land. Now that would have been awesome.

      1. No Super Friends ride, unfortunately. I don’t know if DC/WB already had a deal with Six Flags at some point, or maybe even Sea World still back then? Six Flags owned Louisville’s Kentucky Kingdom for about a decade and had some pretty cool DC attractions and walk-around characters. There was a Batman stunt show based on the 89 movie that was really sweet!

        Hey Brian, remember the blue ice cream at Kings Island? I think it was originally named after Huckleberry Hound and then the Smurfs? They still have it, even though Kings Island’s kid stuff is now all Peanuts-themed.


  6. Only halfway through but gotta comment on the first story. I assumed Scooby talked more because it *was* a dream sequence. In his dreams he’s much more articulate.

    With the long white hairs on the sill, i thought the culprit would be Mrs. Claus who didn’t steal the toys but was going to give Santa the night off. A polar bear?? Weak.

    Lastly, young Anj would’ve snickered when Santa described his big heavy sack.

  7. Another great episode. Insightful, entertaining and most of all, fun. First time hearing these stories and I enjoyed them more than I expected. Y’all do an excellent job on this podcast. I’m patiently waiting for the next episode.

  8. Ha! Just saw this! There hasn’t been a Power Records Podcast in so long I just gave up thinking the well had run dry. I had never heard these Scoody shows. One thing I noticed was Scoob calls Shaggy “Shaggy” instead of “Raggy”. And, as you mentioned, he has quite a bit of dialogue.

    The second episode was heavy on Christmas songs almost to an annoyance but I thought back to “what if this was brand new and I was a kid hearing it?” and it made it more tolerable – I would have enjoyed the carols as a kid.

    You guys need to do The Hulk LP (The David Banner stories). I have an excellent copy of it ripped to MP3 when I have time I will put on dropbox for you… I know you already have it but my copy is pristine. Bought it a year or two ago still sealed so it was brand new and the first time I played it I made a needle drop to MP3.

    Always looking for more and when that well does run dry I just enjoy you guys talking about the Power Records we grew up with. It is hands down my favorite ever podcast.


  9. One other thing I noticed was Shaggy had peanut butter sandwiches instead of the deli/ham/salami/turkey sandwiches he is known for… This may have had something to do with Caey Kasem. Casey was a vegetarian & fought to get Shaggy non-meat sandwiches on the show and it never happened. Maybe he demanded it for the first story LOL.


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