The Power Records Podcast 27 – The Hulk!


Chris and Rob discuss the audio adventures "Black Chasm" and "Monster From The Deep" starring The Incredible Hulk!

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19 responses to “The Power Records Podcast 27 – The Hulk!

  1. Woke up this morning, fell down the stairs and accidentally set myself on fire… but there’s a new episode of the Power Records Podcast! So it’s gonna be a GREAT DAY!!!! Thanks for another fun episode
    I’ve never been a big fan of The Hulk because the TV show did indeed scare me!

  2. Having recently reviewed an issue of RAMPAGING HULK where the three stories were so grounded and devoid of supervillains or spectacle, I’m wondering if those and the Hulk Power Records were less inspired by the TV series and more audition pieces by the writers for CBS. Maybe they were hoping the series would find these adventures easily adaptable, and a TV writing credit looked more prestigious than a comic book credit.

  3. Hulk! Yes! So glad this dropped today.

    Chris and I were in the same boat when it came to David changing on the show. I had a thing about people turning into creatures in general, but it is odd to have a show that was so important to me growing up is one that I was afraid to watch certain parts of. At least I am not alone in that shame. I have been wanting to get a Mego Hulk for awhile now just to have one again but man those prices are crazy at the moment. You would think with as many as they made that there would still be plenty around but people are really proud of those figures judging by the asking prices.

    The two adventures were fine. I agree with Chris that they feel right at home within the show. The first story really wanted to you to know this Hulk’s origin because they mentioned it what felt like a thousand times. The Hulk’s voice bugged me as well and I’m curious if they recorded the audio and intended to pitch it down to sound like Ted Cassidy/Charles Napier but either forgot or ran out of time. It’s just so odd. The Hulk sounds just like y’all described and props to Rob for his Barney Gumble impersonation. These were fine but felt like what would have happened if that CBS President had gotten his way to drop it down to one Hulk out per episode.

    I was thinking about how these plots would have been if they were actual episodes. For the Black Chasm, David would have come into town and I’m willing to bet that the daughter would not have been engaged to the bad guy. They’d still have the whole, “he’s like a son to the owner” bit, but she wouldn’t be into him because she has to be into David. It was like a law or something when it came to that show. Anyway, there would have been more of a crew and about fifteen or so minutes in the bad guy would have figured out that David suspected something. So, the crew would have had him do…something and that something is dangerous and you have your first Hulk out. Then, during the second half, David would tell the daughter about what they suspected and the bad guy shows up with a gun and leads them into the mine and you have your final Hulk out. For Monster from the Deep, Steve wouldn’t have been the husband. He would have been a brother or something because, again, David gets all of the ladies. The plot would have been more involved and the bad guy’s operation would be a little more involved. Like, he would be trying to buy her out or something. The first Hulk out would have happened at the bar. The second would have been at sea and probably contained stock footage to fill out the

    McGee could be involved in any of the plots. These would definitely have fallen into the “filler” episode category.

    Final thought…I promise…both of these stories sounded like they could have been taken from the black and white Rampaging Hulk magazine. I could see Gene Colan drawing them easily. Especially that second one.

    And yes…PLEASE do the other stories at some point.

    One final note (yeah, I lied about the other one) the way those tapes were packaged sounded like someone read the second Superman/Spider-Man treasury and just thought that’s how the packaging should work.

  4. Yes! Finally! This is actually my favorite Power/Peter Pan Record! I was about 7 or 8 when this came out and listened to it ALL the time as I was a huge fan of the show and this fit like 4 lost episodes. Still in the process of listening to the whole podcast but wanted to go ahead and comment. I finally found this record again on eBay for about $4 and it was still sealed! Brand new old stock! I ripped a copy to CD to play in my truck and I was taken back in time.

    I agree with you about Sal’s Hulk – that’s the version I think of when I think of The Hulk.

    As for the stories, I always enjoyed “The Assassin” best.

  5. Yep, count me as another who thinks that Sal Buscema’s version is THE definitive visual depiction of the Hulk.
    As for the two episodes you highlighted, they’re … episodes. You’re right that they have very simple plots and not a whole lot really happens. And yeah, the Hulk vocalization sounds more comical rather than imposing or scary. I tend to agree with Ryan that maybe whoever scripted these was perhaps hoping to get their plot picked up by the TV studio (with the request that they expand the stories for the show).

    Otherwise, I see that my black & white TV comment sparked quite a conversation. The reason my family had a b&w set for so long (until I was in the fourth grade) was because, quite frankly, my dad was kind of cheap and held out on getting a color TV for a really long time (which grated even more on my older sister and brother, who were already in high school at the time).
    And it’s really interesting to hear about someone who grew up in the 1970s and never saw Hawaii 5-O. I thought everybody watched it. From kindergarten through second grade, that and Emergency were my favorite shows – not even watching them on a black & white TV diminished my enjoyment…

  6. Any story that includes the establishment of the Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ), designed to keep foreign fishing fleets out of US waters, as a plot point is tops in this fishery biologist’s book. Fun fact, did you know that, in addition to the EEZ’s 200 nautical mile outer boundary, the zone has an inner boundary of 3 nautical miles (9 nautical miles for Texas, western Florida, and Puerto Rico), which separates the federally managed EEZ from state managed waters? Pretty cool, I know.

    After listening to you talk about the old Mathbox Incredible Hulk van, I now imagine that, at the end of every Incredible Hulk TV episode, after the screen faded on Banner slowly walking down the road, he would sprint around the corner, hop into his tricked-out van, and drive to the outskirts of the next town, where he’d hide the van again.

    Thanks for another amazing episode.

  7. I like the idea of covering TV episodes from the 1970s, especially the Six Million Dollar Man episode where Steve Austin fights Big Foot in the woods. I saw that episode in kindergarten and it left an impression on me. Every time I went into a pine tree woods as a child I thought of that episode and Big Foot being there. I’ve seen it in recent years and it’s still a cool scene. I like the reverse bionic sound effects and the slow motion. Anyway I would love to see you guys cover that either on Power Records or somewhere on the network.

  8. Don’t make me bored Mr. Kelly. You wouldn’t like me when I’m bored.

    Seriously, this should have been labeled ‘The Adventures of David Banner’ with ‘special cameo by the Hulk’.

    I don’t know. The Hulk vs a jilted boyfriend and a guy bilking a coal mine? Seems like a low bar.


  9. I got into the Hulk TV show in college thanks to Netflix. I really like writing while listening to shows with a similar theme (I was on a superhero kick). While I enjoyed the show, I am forced to agree with you about the quality of these records. Tonally they are in line with the show and aren’t BAD, but they are a little dull. They either need a plot twist (ANY plot twist) or an interesting character or two. I actually thought that the records themselves were shorter than usual because usually they are able to fit at least one of those in. Which is impressive in the time they have now that I think about it. These two were just very straight forward and had pretty standard supporting characters. Would have loved to see some McGee as well. (Who is strangely, the most stable relationship David has had since becoming the Hulk. It’s antagonistic but it’s consistent. Fav eps are the ones where they somehow interact.)

    Glad you noticed the Banner part on the ep, because I gave my phone a funny look before accepting it was a typo in the script when I heard it.

  10. A few years ago, I binged the whole Incredible Hulk TV show and was surprised at how well it stood up as an anthology of sorts with a rotating cast and stories. And, it is clear that theses Power Records stories were definitely influenced by the TV show. However, what works for a TV show isn’t going necessarily going to work for a comic book story, particularly one meant for children. Too bad the PR people didn’t pull more from the comics.

  11. HEAR the bland narration!
    THRILL to David (ugh) Banner continually accepting jobs for which he has no experience or qualifications!
    QUAKE from The Hulk’s whinny growl that sounds like his reaction to his mom telling him to get out of bed already!

    Like any self-respecting kid of the Seventies, I loved The Hulk tv series and the merchandise it spawned. Pajamas, yo-yos, little plastic Hulk with a parachute and, naturally, the Mego action figure. (Although why was Hulk shorter than all my other 8” figures? The Penguin looked down to him.) And I had (and still have) the Power Records. Both the Hulk At Bay book and record and this album. I love the front and back cover of the full length record but the stories didn’t strike a chord with me at all. I must not have listened to this one very much because normally when I listen to the podcast and you cover a Power release I own/owned, I can pretty much act out the stories from memory. Not the case here.

    I think this album is one of the weakest Power Records offerings. In fact, it’s kinda dreadful. But I can’t wait to hear Side Two!!

    Keep up the great work, guys!
    Stay well!

  12. I was not a Hulk reader, but I had read Hulk stories and read stories where he was a guest or a teammate. Or non-teammate, if you want to be precise. Consequently, I did not care for the TV show at all. As far as I could tell, and still can, it had nothing to do with the character in Marvel Comics. I want a Hulk that speaks! Give me a “Bah!” Give me a “Puny human!” Give me a “Hulk smash!” for Forbush’s sake! This record had nothing to do the the Marvel Comics character. I think it was a case of “Do a record of the Hulk!” “The new TV show?” “Yeah, before its cancelled next season! You can hire three guys and one woman, max!”
    I think that this record’s Hulk voice sounded like Nervous Norvus’ “Ape Call.”

  13. Great episode as always. Need help from a music expert. What instrument makes that first sound you hear on the Power Records? That “DDRRRR” sound. Hell, I don’t even know what it is, I can’t spell it

  14. Another great episode. I found these HULK stories very charming. Lovely pick up from the TV show. But from the Feedback… YES YES YES, please please please more SIX MILLION DOLLAR MAN!! I’ve been begging for years and now I feel we are on a precipice! Fingers crossed!!

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