The Power Records Podcast 28 – Spider-Man!


Chris and Rob discuss the audio adventures "Spider-Man is Born!" and "Spidey and the SandMan!' from the SPIDEY SUPER STORIES LP.

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15 responses to “The Power Records Podcast 28 – Spider-Man!

  1. Yay! Power Records! The new year is looking up! I’m actually listening to this podcast while building the Amazing Lego Daily Bugle set! Spider-Man, J Jonah Jameson! Spider-Ham! Miles Morales Punisher, Daredevil and 19 other mini figures included. I should have it built in time for 2023!
    I loved The Electric Compsny as a kid! Spidey Super Stories was my very first comic book. I can’t for the life of me remember which issue, but I have a vague recollection of Spidey hanging out with Jungle Jane and the gorilla in the back cover.
    As for Spider-Man: No Way Home Easter eggs. Spidey stayed behind to help rebuild The Electric Company after his first encounter with Electro! Yeah… it’s a stretch, but that’s my theory and I’m sticking to it!

  2. 1. Chris How’d you get so good at voices?
    2. Flint Marko is an alias his real name William Baker
    3 I remember the art on Spidey super stories being REALLY GOOD (BETTER PAPER?)
    4 As to the Spider-man child-molester newspaper strip that was a HUGE PLOT 85-6 SEE every NBC SHOW
    PS Gents im gonna go relisten to hulk so i can say smart things

  3. I like to think of myself as human, and I haven’t seen No Way Home yet…

    Anyway, though, I really enjoyed the show. This is something I’d never heard of, and it’s really cool that some of the Electric Co. regulars – most notably Easy Reader – participated on it.
    And speaking of Electric Company: man, I used to absolutely *love* that show. In fact, like Chris, I liked it better than the venerable Sesame Street. probably because it was more like a comedy sketch show and not just because Spidey appeared in it. My favorite regular features were the aforementioned Easy Reader and the Adventures of Letterman (I mean, come on: he was faster than rolling ‘o’ *and* stronger than silent *e*! The fact that he could jump over capital ‘T’ in a single bound was just icing on the cake…).
    I used to pick up Spidey Super Stories for a while when I first got into comics at age 6, and yes, I also initially didn’t distinguish between it and the regular series like Amazing SM and Marvel Team-up. I soon dropped it, though, when I realized it was ‘kid stuff’. Now, however, I wouldn’t mind revisiting it, as I recall some pretty entertaining stories.

  4. Fun episode! I enjoyed it – I haven’t been as regular a listener to power records as I probably should have since I only had a handful growing up and don’t have nearly the same depth of feeling for it that you guys have. But now I want to listen to some of the oddball ones like Kojak! Anyway, I had no idea about Morgan Freeman! I was not a regular viewer of Electric Company and only occasional Spidey Super Stories buyer, but they were a lot of fun. Now off to listen to the rest of it on Rob’s blog!

  5. For the record (not the Power one), I mispoke, and it was Bravestarr (Mattel’s Space Cowboy line based on the Filmation cartoon) that I infamously bought instead of another Mego Spider-Man, or a cart of them, circa 1986. I did have a handful Blackstar figures (also based on a Filmation series) but I don’t really regret that.

  6. Okay… I can’t be the only one who thought that this Origins of Spider-Man sounded more like a budding supervillain than a hero. Loner. “One day I’ll show them.” And just sounding kind of bitter? I think it might have been the voice acting but I really thought it sounded more villain than misunderstood hero.

    Also, a science fair with a radioactive demonstration sounds WAY more fun with dancing when I was Peter’s age. Clearly Peter just hasn’t found the right friends. I cannot for the life of me believe that he couldn’t find anyone to go with him to that! (Then again this is a skewed audience because any other girls listening to this podcast probably also think that science fair sounded fun.)

    Was MJ ever identified in Sandman? I guessed who it was but she kind of seemed to come out of no where…

  7. I .one of the few who have not yet seen “No Way Home”. I will eventually, probably when it arrives on streaming services.

    At first I thought this was something I had never heard. Then I remembered the stories! As a kid I had no idea that was Morgan Freeman. But the stories brought back memories of playing this record. My childhood best friend had this LP. In his LP he kept an autographed picture of “Spidey”! He met him at some meet & greet. No idea if it was the same guy with the big ‘stache.

  8. These were a lot of fun !

    I was a big fan of the Electric Company back in the day. But not the Spidey Super Stories comic. If Super Friends was borderline ‘too kiddy’ for the aesthetics of young Anj, Spidey was infantile.

    But seeing Spidey live action on the TV, throwing a big fishing net … I mean … shooting a web onto the bad guys was always gold.

    As for these stories, I concur that the origin was a bit dark around the edges. ‘I’ll show them!’ Turn the page, pile of broken bodies.

    I’ll leave you with a quote I still say today.

    “Top to bottom.
    Left to right.
    Reading books is out of sight” – Easy Reader

  9. I have this LP. Rob, make me an offer!
    I LOVED The Electric Company, even though I was just a little too old for it. The skits, sketches, cartoons, and Spidey were worth it! This was probably my first exposure to Spider-Man. I certainly saw him on the show before I saw him in a comic.
    The cast was magnificent. Not only the Oscar-winning Rita Moreno, the future star Morgan Freeman, Emmy-winning Bill Cosby (first season), but also Skip Hinnant. I knew his name because I grew up listening to the Original Cast recording of “You’re A Good Man, Charlie Brown.” Skip played Schroeder. Charlie Brown was played by…Gary Burghoff. It all comes back to M*A*S*H, right, Rob?

  10. Hooray, Power Records is back! I love listening to these adventures and your commentary on them. While I never had a lot of Power Records as a kid, the pops and clicks of a record playing really take me back to my childhood. You guys did a great job talking about this record and I could hear you two talk about comics/records/Superman movies any day of the week!

    Opposite to Rob, I don’t remember these stories at all after listening to them, but when I saw the record cover, it brought back the memory of owning it at some point as a kid. I don’t have any memory of playing this on my Winnie the Pooh record player, as opposed to my Book and Record sets of Star Wars Droid Worlds and Raiders of the Lost Ark…..

    I loved The Electric Company (as well as 3-2-1 Contact). Today, the MCU is commonplace, but back then, seeing any superhero in live action was such a rare thing so it was an event whenever I saw Spidey on The Electric Company. It was probably the only reason I ever watched the show!

    Spidey Super Stories was fantastic and helped me learn to read! I have such good memories of that series. Even better, my FLCS had a pack of old, well-used Spidey Super Stories which I bought and shared with my youngest son who has trouble reading and he loved them and it has helped him with his reading! It’s come full circle!

    Well done again! I’m looking forward to more Kojak ( I was really excited, until I realized you DIDN’T say Kolchak ) and 6 Million Dollar man! Keep up the great work!

  11. Awesome episode as always! I think during the listener feedback someone asked what musical instrument is making that low-pitched, gurgling sound on the opening music to the podcast. I’m pretty sure it’s a trombone. I played trombone throughout my teenage years. It is a beautiful instrument that can sound either mellow and warm, or brash and bright, and as an extreme, it can even be pushed past its normal limits this way — sometimes by mistake, when blowing too hard, or sometimes if it’s called for in the music. It’s more of a jazz thing, and you tend to hear it more with trumpets or saxophones, but this one sounds like a trombone. I love that opening music, which I heard over and over again on “Batman: Stacked Cards” as a kid, long before I ever played the trombone, and never made the connection myself until now!

    Question: did this opening music ever appear on other Power Records, or just on Stacked Cards?

    Thanks! –David

    1. David…to answer your question, the opening music did appear in another Batman story: “If Music Be the Food of Death”, featuring the Riddler…on the same album!

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