Saturday Morning Fever #8 – The Real Ghostbusters – When Halloween Was Forever

Grab a bowl of your favorite sugary cereal and enjoy this installment of Saturday Morning Fever! If there's something strange in your neighborhood, who better to call than Ryan Daly and Nathaniel Wayne? Join them as they discuss a spooky seasonal episode of The Real Ghostbusters: "When Halloween Was Forever" written by J. Michael Straczynski.

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7 responses to “Saturday Morning Fever #8 – The Real Ghostbusters – When Halloween Was Forever

  1. Fun episode guys! I regularly watched both versions of The Real Ghostbusters for the majority of its run, but honestly, very few episodes have stuck in my memory. The vampire/werewolf war, the Sandman one Nathaniel mentioned, and this one. I still recall Samhain’s unique voice and the way he said “Ghooost Buuustarrrs”.

    I was hoping this episode was one of the ones packed in with the Ghostbusters film DVD set we own, but no, it’s Citizen Ghost and another. Phooey.

    Crossing the streams, whenever someone calls The Mandalorian’s “Baby Yoda” by his proper designation “The Child”, I can’t help but repeat Peter MacNichol’s recitation of that word in Ghostbusters II. He was definitely the best part of that movie. Also great in Addams Family Values, which we just watched here.

    Thanks for reviving the show! See you in a few years!


  2. 1 – That 80’s pop music song: There were a few of those songs in the series and they were put together on an actual Real Ghostbusters soundtrack album. I have that cassette somewhere in a box in my basement.
    2 – I believe that those crazy ghost/monster character designs were by cartoonist Everett Peck who went on the create the Duckman series in the 90s

  3. Mildly surprised neither of you mentioned the Real Ghostbusters comic book series, which had its own rematch with Samhain at one point. I’d have been curious to hear your opinion(s) on how they did.

  4. I haven’t seen this episode in ages, so the walk down memory lane was a lot of fun. I’m not surprised it was written by J. Michael Straczynski, he does good work. Peter never really did it for me, I’m all about Ray and Egon. I do have to agree that the End Times conversation between Ray and Winston in the car is brilliant, though. They definitely had a world-class voice cast on the show, which is always a bonus. I’m so glad the two of you did this, and hope there’s more forthcoming.

    Oh, and one last thing – as one of the people who was being driven up the wall by the mispronunciation of Samhain, thanks so much for acknowledging the show’s error and rectifying it, even if you did have to go back to the other version for the balance of the episode. Doing that made it easier to bear and I appreciate it.

    1. Yeah, we knew that the Gaelic Samhain would not be pronounced like “Sam Hane” but since that is how he is referred in the episode, I defer to that as his official name.

  5. I remember watching a lot of The Real Ghostbusters on Saturday mornings, but had never caught this episode.

    I also remember some episodes would feature a segment where Luther Vandross materialized out of a kid’s radio to battle a green ghostly figure by turning it into a sewing machine, giving it to a roller skating teen and telling her to get a job. Then he said goodbye by doing a “spooky” impression of “the future blob” with his “Zack of all Trades” sweater.

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