Secret Origins #7: Green Lantern Guy Gardner and Sandman

Ryan Daly and guests Shawn Engel and Chad Bokelman review the first part of issue #7 of Secret Origins, which tells the story of the Green Lantern Guy Gardner. Then, Siskoid returns to help Ryan tell the origin of the Golden Age Sandman.

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One response to “Secret Origins #7: Green Lantern Guy Gardner and Sandman

  1. A psuedo Sandman appearance was in the 90s Flash TV series. He used knockout darts instead of a gas gun, was a Korean Veteran, and was active in the 50s, but his look and attitude screamed Sandman. Mostly forgotten, Nightshade puts his gas mask back on when his long time nemesis the Ghost thawed out and restarted his terrorising of Central City. Barry is excited to learn he’s not the first hero and bounces between asking for guidance and wanting to hear of his adventures. I always count this as my introduction to the hero and it helped fuel my love of Pulp/Golden Age characters.

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