Secret Origins Bonus: Walking With Roy

Wait, seriously? Yes, Ryan Daly returns for a special episode to recount his unexpected and unwitnessed, and therefore possibly fictitious, meeting with Secret Origins' creator Roy Thomas at HeroesCon 2017 in Charlotte.

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21 responses to “Secret Origins Bonus: Walking With Roy

  1. Wow, that was even more suspenseful than a PJ Frightful story… I could not wait until you told us what happened when you went full disclosure.

    I probably wouldn’t have either…

    ‘Plagiarism’ was never the right word because that term demands some kind of passing off someone else’s work as his own; Roy’s Secret Origins writing was a million miles from that, the source material and creators were always acknowledged in the comic. ‘Over-reverential’, yes. ‘Unadventurous’, undoubtedly – but ‘plagiarist’? Yeah, that’s harsh.

    But you remain lovely and thank you for this unexpected bonus.

  2. Glad this happened. And I am surprised that you didn’t divulge.

    As you say, it is doubtful that Thomas knows about the podcast. And my guess is he would be thrilled that people are still talking about his work in any way, even if slightly critical. But there is also the chance that he has heard it and loved it.

    Okay, maybe I am being a hypocrite. I have really trashed Joe Kelly’s run on Supergirl on my site. And when I met him at a local con, I just slid my Action 775 (a book I do love) to him to sign and complimented him on that book, avoiding the Supergirl topic completely.

    Sounds like the whole gang had a great time and I love the commissions you’ve posted. Did you get any books signed?

    1. Didn’t really do signatures this time around. I brought one comic with a Neal Adams cover but he was charging $30 for signatures and I decided a Luke Daab sketch was a better use of that money.

      Darrin and Ruth Sutherland gave me a copy of the latest TREKKER trade paperback and I got that signed by Ron Randall. I gave Chris Franklin a copy of the ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN by Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez hardcover. Chris got that signed by JLGL PBHN. I also picked up some JLI issues for Shag and we got Ty Templeton to sign them.

      I think that’s all for signatures. Most of my cash was spent on sketches, comics, and the call girl.

        1. Same girl, five different outfits. The sixth one was Luke Daab. You just counted him because he’s so good-looking.

  3. Ryan just wanted to totally squash my story of my elevator ride with Steranko. I knew I should have made up something about him escaping through the roof or something. “I saved Roy Thomas. I saved JLGL (PBHN)”. Righttttt….

    But seriously, my mouth was agape at Panera listening to this story. Might I recommend the Chicken Guacamole Flatbread sandwhich? Try a combo today! (How’s that, Rob?)


    1. I didn’t even realize Steranko was going to be there. I would’ve brought my HISTORY OF COMICS treasury to get signed.

  4. My song lives on!

    Dammit, Daly, you had me. I thought Thomas actually heard the show!

    When do I get my royalties?

  5. I hadn’t realized how much I missed this show until the opening music started and Ryan read his standard intro for the show. I was in my happy place. It was like putting on an old favorite sweater, with a picture of Ryan on the front.

    This is probably the fifth time I’ve heard the story (not a criticism, I just simply spent too much time around Ryan at the convention – Yuck!), but it was still a joy to hear. Ryan is an excellent storyteller and the encounter was very cool.

    Please note my use of the word “storyteller”.. because there were no witnesses. Just sayin’

    Great to hear from this show again! Now you need an encounter with Mark Waid for the “Coda, Coda, Coda” episode!

    1. I heard that someone had shoved Thomas down the stair and yelled, “Connect that to the Phantom of the Amusement Park!.” The suspect was around 5’10”, a “smug looking SOB,” and dressed like Prince.

  6. What a treat to hear this show again! Coincidentally, just last night I was finally getting around to putting away some comics that had not been filed. These included the three issues of Secret Origins that I bought just over a year ago, and that helped serve as a catalyst to listen to the Secret Origins podcast! (“These were pretty lousy. I wonder what this guy thinks?”) That led me to binge-listening Ryan’s podcast last summer and fall, and now all the Fire & Water ‘casts are automatically loaded onto my pad device! I’m glad your real world encounter with Roy went well. Man, oh man, isn’t it frustratingly exciting to know that more Secret Origins stories are sitting in a drawer just waiting to be read?

  7. My imagined version of this episode before listening involved Roy launching himself off the podium to strangle Ryan.

  8. I’m still pissed that absolutely no one got a second’s use out of the two mixers I sweated getting to and from Charlotte. Oh wait, I got to take a picture of them sitting in my suitcase for Twitter. #NotWorthIt

    Knowing that Jim Steranko supported Donald Trump has forever tainted my former reverence for that legend. Roy Thomas was at least an Obama basher, and he’s only Roy Thomas, so I have very few fucks to give about his legacy. However, in the final summation, I have to agree with Martin. Plagiarism is when you try to get away with creative theft outright. “Homage” is when you openly appropriate someone else’s work under the cover of imitation being the highest form of flattery, and that’s commonly accepted practice today. Thomas was just a pioneer of the shot-for-shot remake. That said, I was really hoping at some point in your story Roy Thomas would just level with you and say “Look, most of these creators were already dead, literally or from a rights standpoint. DC was never going to cut them a second check for the same story, but I figured out how to get them to cut me one, and I took them right to the goddamned bank.” That would have been gangster. I would have respected that.

    I still think Ryan’s contractually obligated to do another episode of Secret Origins with me as the ultimate guest to cover the Peter Cannon story commissioned for SO before the rights reverted back to Pete Morisi and Dynamite finally published it. However, appropriately, the matter remains tangled up in arbitration…

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