No Escape from Kurt Russell: The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes

Siskoid Cinema presents... No Escape from Kurt Russell, the show that explores the filmography of one of American cinema's best leading men and tries to get a handle on his mystique. Why is it we'll watch anything so long as Kurt Russell's name is attached to the project? On this episode, Siskoid and Shawn Myers discuss 1969's The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes. A goofy live action Disney comedy?! Yeah, but Kurt Russell is in it!

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Bonus clips: "The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes" by Robert Butler, starring Debbie Paine; and "The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes" theme song, by The Electric Tennis Shoes, written by Robert F. Brunner and Bruce Belland.

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5 responses to “No Escape from Kurt Russell: The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes

  1. These Kurt Russell Disney movies absolutely terrified me as a kid. Especially the Dexter Riley ones. So much so that I haven’t watched them again since seeing them as a kid.

    Stretchy arms from lifting weights, disappearing heads and fingers, brains slowing down. Total nightmare fuel!

  2. Fun show guys! The two movies Disney Plus has chosen to include were some of the first things I watched when that streamer debuted. I have fond memories of watching these on Wonderful World and the early days of The Disney Channel, back when they just showed old Disney movies and series. Now if they would only release Now You See Him, Now You Don’t On there!

    Probably the most influential Russell/Disney collaboration for me was when he narrated a trip he and the Osmonds and a few other celebrities took to the recently opened Haunted Mansion in Disneyland. That was from 1969 as well, and before my time, but it reran on Wonderful World and the Disney Channel too. It began my lifelong obsession with my favorithe theme park ride!

  3. I saw these films mostly on Wonderful World of Disney … when I could. We would often visit my grandparents on Sunday nights when Disney aired and it ran against The Lawrence Welk show. Grandparents’ house? Grandparents’ shows. Luckily, occasionally the adults would abandon the ‘TV room’ and let the kids watch.

    Definitely loved these movies but for some reason ‘Strongest Man’ sticks in my head the most, maybe because of the ‘comic book’-iness of the powers? Yes those stretchy arms freaked me out. But also Phil Silvers swinging from chandeliers as well. And also the fact that it appeared the cereal was Froot Loops, a cereal we were never allowed to eat as a kid and therefore mysterious and sort of forbidden, probably helps make it stick.

    I also, for some reason, know that ‘Devil Dan’ was the show the Barefoot Executive loved.

    I remember this one too, just no where near as much.


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