Saturday Morning Fever #7 – Turbo Teen

Grab a bowl of your favorite sugary cereal and enjoy as The Irredeemable Shag and Professor Xum discuss the bizarre (yet beloved) 1980s Saturday morning cartoon, TURBO TEEN!

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18 responses to “Saturday Morning Fever #7 – Turbo Teen

  1. Turbo Teen couldn’t hold a candle to Pole Position in the “Underage Children Engaged In Secret Spy Operates With Suped-Up/Almost Magical Cars” genre. 😉

    Seriously, though, Turbo Teen was one of those cartoons that I remember watching as a kid and enjoying it, even if it was completely nonsensical. They couldn’t all be Star Blazers, after all.

    1. Thank goodness somebody said it! Every single time I heard Shag say “It took cues from Knight Rider” and “How did they not get sued?” all I was thinking was “Did you never watch the far superior (and much closer to Knight Rider) Pole Position?!” Seriously, Shag, educate yourself!

    1. Wow! Rob with the analysis!

      Xum and Shagg – wonderful, wonderful job! I remember this show – solely for its ludicrous premise.

      I hope the Wolfman Jack series gets covered next. Or Spaghetti & Meatballs or Pandamonium.

  2. I have heard Shag and Xum threatening to do this for years. And the whole time I acted like I loathed this show. But you know what, I watched it as a kid. And some part of me enjoyed it. But the weird thing was, even as a kid, I was taken aback by how…SERIOUSLY they took this premise! This was as straight an action show as Super Friends, in a lot of ways! Nowadays there wouldn’t be one drop of sincerity with this premise, but in the 80s, these creators were selling this thing as a legit action vehicle (pun intended) for kids!

    Great show fellas, your ironic love for this thing is palpable. I just wish I was with Xum’s co-workers and Shag’s family when you binged these. Sounds like a real hoot.


  3. I have never seen this show before but the odd transformation sequence I have seen a million times on Twitter. The ‘ass becomes a big old back end’ is soooo strange!

    How about covering Mighty Orbots next!

  4. I just showed my 11 year-old daughter the Turbo Teen intro. When he was transforming her comment was: “Oh, that should NOT exist!”

    And now we’re watching a playlist of 80’s and 90’s cartoon intros. 😀

    1. When you get to Wildfire, be sure to point out that it is an obvious rip-off of Amethyst, Princess of Gemworld. Oh wait, highly doubtful Wildfire will be on the playlist since approximately 8 other people besides myself remember this existed.

      However, if you want to give her a “something that shouldn’t exist” moment or two, I suggest Toxic Crusaders and Tattooed Teenage Alien Fighters from Beverly Hills.

      1. Well, I certainly don’t remember Wildfire. It looks like something my sister would have been interested in, but I have no memory of it at all. Kind of like “Spartakus and the Sun Beneath the Sea”, which was an intro on the playlist we watched. I have never even heard of that one.

  5. Thanks for another excellent episode, gentlemen. For the life of me, I can’t remember seeing Turbo Teen, though I do remember Rubik: the Amazing Cube, which apparently ran right after it. There just must have been a show in that same time slot on a different station that I watched instead. My loss.

  6. As a kid of the 80s this was as about as strange and awesome as you could get I always wish this was on DVD I mean most if not all of other Ruby Spears toons are on DVD but not this one.

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