Gimme That Star Trek Contest: The Hero Bracket

It's coming! May's episode of Gimme That Star Trek will pit 64 Trek heroes from across all series in a bracket fight decided by five panelists. And YOU can win Fire and Water merch if you guess the most slots correctly! Here are the opening match-ups.

Grab a copy of this sheet, fill it out until it names a winner and send it to Siskoid before April 30th to enter. One point per slot correctly entered. Ties broken by coin flip/dice throw. Identity of panelists secret until transmission. Their criteria (historical importance, look, personality, originality, personal preference, etc.) entirely their own. Winner announced in Subspace Transmissions in May's episode.

Good luck!

9 responses to “Gimme That Star Trek Contest: The Hero Bracket

  1. Who are the panelists? Can we be assured that they’ve watched every episode of each series and don’t bring their prejudices to the bracket?

    1. As I said, secret so as not to give anyone an advantage (oh that Ryan Daly, he loves his Seven of Nine! etc. NOT REAL EXAMPLE). BUT YES, they’ve been selected from people who have watched the entirety of Trek. I can’t speak to their prejudices, of course, if this weren’t driven by opinion, I’d just make up formula, give characters points, and announce the winner.

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