Gimme That Star Trek Action Figure: Part 1 – Mego

Gimme That Star Trek presents the first of two episodes on Star Trek toys, this one taking us through the Mego era and a little bit more thanks to the toyetic knowledge of Chris Franklin!

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"Star Trek Theme" by Alexander Courage, with the Irredeemable Shagg on vocals. End theme: "Deep Space Nine Theme" by Dennis McCarthy.

Bonus clips from: Mego commercial, circa 1975.

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8 responses to “Gimme That Star Trek Action Figure: Part 1 – Mego

  1. Great episode guys! I could listen to Chris talk toys all day (and almost have in some cases).

    A friend of mine had the “Mission” playset, pretty ingenious of Mego to just attach a glove to the plastic and tell kids to use it to make their own monster, Cost-effective and interactive!

    There’s a picture of me, Xmas 1980, opening some of the TMP figures and Bridge set, There is no follow up picture registering my sigh of discontent over all that grey and white.

    I remember the ads for Trek toys from a company called Dinky in mid 70s comics. Their tagline, “Join the Dinky Starfleet”, was less than compelling.

    The network needs more toy talk!

    1. Thanks Rob, and I get the subtle hint there. 😉

      I forgot to meniton this, but Siskoid’s use of the classic Mego commercial made me recall that the Mission to Gamma VI has a nice nod to “The Paradise Syndrome” with the trap door that Kirk can fall through. Unfortunatley Mego never made Kirok and Miramanee figures.

    2. If we ever do Chris Ware’s Quimby Mouse issue of ACME Novelty Library on TreasuryCast — I HAVE THE TOY!!!

      As for Trek toys, all set to talk about the Playmates figures in the 2023 season of GTST.

    3. Allow me to second this CFranks praise! More toys talk, please. As you may know, Rob, CFranks and someone named “Ryan Daly” (name changed for anonymity) have gotten me back into the toy scene. And let me just say, it’s a pleasure hearing Chris talk two of my favorite subjects: Toys and Trek!

  2. I never owned any of the Mego Star Trek figures, so it was interesting to learn more about the line. What I do recall owning were some of the Star Trek: The Motion Picture 3 3/4″ action figures. In particular, I had Kirk and my brother had Spock. My brother also had Knickerbocker’s soft poseable ST:TMP Spock figure. Best of all, we had a pair of South Bend’s Star Trek phasers, which were like Lazer Tag guns. If the infrared beam from your phaser hit the sensor on the other phaser, then it would be temporarily disabled and unable to fire. Those were a blast to play with.

    Thanks for an incredible episode. I’m looking forward to Part 2.

  3. Impressive podcast most impresses. It was cool to hear Chris and Q-tip(sorry CiscoID I think you said you use that as a handle years ago so with that name. ( talk about these action figures. Brought back a lot of memories I collected a bunch of the amigo action figures as a child. They were pretty cool. I remember having Spock and Kirk. Interestingly I had the Kirk action figure for years. Ended up losing the uniform and putting in a different outfit but I still kept the action figure. And I also did get the wrath of Khan Plessy Spock and I may have had the one that was Kirk. I also remember getting the playmates action figures years later. When I began re-collecting action figures as an adult or the first one that got was the mirror Spock. A Harry Mudd. Kirk from the pilot. I still have the Kirk one. As well as the Capt. Picard from tapestry. Which is odd to see Picard in a blue uniform.

    Oddly the only one I still have is the Kirk one. That I keep in a replica I have of the Gallo one from the play toys line. I can’t remember the name of that companies so I am going to go with that. As I have mentioned before though I don’t know if the amigo’s back in the day were in fact 8 inches. The new ones they’ve made are that height. Since as I showed in the picture I do have Capt. Kirk from wrath of Khan standing next to a McFarlane action figures. Including one from Batman the animated series. And he’s taller than them. Both of them were Batman before I can bash the other went to be a crimson shadows shocked troop. Based on the action force toys from the 80s. I even have a action force figure from the modern-day toys from a different company that was a scarab. Before I altered. That is only 6 inches in height. But, both of them are shorter than the Kirk. As well as the 9 inch Cisco figure from the playmates line. Sadly the one I have has hair and no goatee. I’m doing this with type and talk that’s why Cisco’s name is misspelled. I did get a bunch of those I got Cisco I got Riker, seven of nine, Garrick, Romulan Cmdr. whom was played by the same actor who played the main villain on DS nine. I also have that action figure. As well as Counselor Troy.

    Jim Ha door. Picard, S love interest from insurrection. Maj. Kira. A second Riker this with the beard. I also have DaX from the tribe episode. While while she’s not my favorite version of that character. It was too cool to not get at least one action figure from that episode. I have a Spock from the Kelvin timeline. The Lynyrd Nimoy played. And of course the one where Spock’s address uniform from journey to Babel from Mego. Also from mego I have the Tuvok action figure which comes with a tribe. Which is interesting since technically this character has served under three different main character captains. Starting with Sulu, and then Janeway and finally Riker on the Titan. At any rate I also have the 3 3/4 nurse Chapel figure from playmates. As well as the six-inch Dr. crusher one. I think that’s a solid figures. Maybe for size not sure. I also have Sela from that line. I mainly got her because I was a fan of the actress. And couldn’t find her character action figure anywhere. But I could find this one. Now from Mego. As well as the aforementioned Kirk and Spock. I also have the Uhura one. I should note these are from the modern line. I’m too cheap to buy the ones from the 70s and 80s. I also have checkoff. I almost got Sulu. But at the time I got a different action. And when I came back he had sold out.

    It was him or Stan Lee and well. As much as I like Sulu it was a Stan the Man mego figure. I still don’t have one of Capt. Picard. But I already have two captains so. I do have a replica of the Kelvin timeline enterprise. As well as a phaser and a few communication badges. And then Adm. rank pin. Right now I mostly collecting G.I. Joe and action force. Since Bobby Valla started his own line of action force. And I’ve been collecting those. I only have two bookcases my computer table and a TV stands with action figures on it. And one night stand since I have a few figures from JEm and the holograms on that. Because the misfits rural. I do remember collecting a lot of these different action figures from Star Trek as a kid and as an adult. At least twice as an adult since I did collect on the aftermarket right after I got my first job. However it up losing those. Thus I don’t have Harry Mudd, mirror Spock or Picard in a blue uniform anymore. Really don’t have anything Klingon. Since most of those were overpriced. I like Michael Dorn but all of his action figures were holy cow price range. If I find one of him in a amigo figure I might get it.

    I think the most expensive thing our own that’s geek related is either a Lord of the rings sword or a thunder cats sword. Neither is worth a crap as a sword but there nice wall hangers. It was cool to hear that both of you have some cool Star Trek memorabilia. Also looking at Amazon I do see that the mego Cisco figure is available for preorder. So I CiscoID is looking to get might want to look into that. It was very cool hearing both of you talk about these action figures and bringing up old memories of collecting them over the years. I wonder if CiscoID will talk about the Star Trek next generation RPG at some point? I know there were two Star Trek RPG’s at least. I could never get anyone to play that. Star Wars easy enough Star Trek not so much. Could not tell you why. The video games were also easy enough to get people to play. When it came to Star Trek couldn’t tell you why. Can’t wait to hear the next podcast.

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