Gimme That Star Trek: Orion Spotlight

Gimme That Star Trek tackles the Orions (or Oreeons!) in this special alien spotlight, as Siskoid and his guest Ryan Blake - the go-to in these cases - try to unlock what makes the Orions special, whether they be slave girls, pirates or the actually very nice Tendi from Lower Decks. Does it all connect? Only one way to find out.

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"Star Trek Theme" by Alexander Courage, with the Irredeemable Shag on vocals. End theme: "Deep Space Nine Theme" by Dennis McCarthy.

Bonus clips from: Star Trek Enterprise's "Bound", starring William Lucking, Dominic Keating and Scott Bakula.

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3 responses to “Gimme That Star Trek: Orion Spotlight

  1. Excellent episode guys. The thought of the “adaptable” Orions had never occurred to me but it does fit a lot of the filmed canon. Cool! I liked the twist in Enterprise back in the day and by the 30th century who knows how they (or any of the “traditional” alien races) are organized. Overall very thought provoking episode!
    PS agree that Tendi and Rutherford could use a little more personality fleshing out. But love Lower Decks!

  2. Fantastic episode! Love the discussion, and gave me some good things to chew on, as it relates to the Orions. Fresh perspectives, for me. I appreciate the knowledge gaps being filled, especially with beta canon stuff. The discussion about Tendi, and her own “profit” motivations, and adaptability – things I wouldn’t have considered in a million years, but make so much sense.

  3. We used the Orions as some of the villains in “Tales of the Seventh Fleet”. Ed Tunis (The Captain) found an artist (John Bridges) who did a drawing of an Orion Pirate for the TNG RPG who gave us permission to base the costumes on. We even had then only speak in their own language with just subtitles, because why would they speak English to each other?

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