Super Mates 106 Image Gallery

The Llama (Arnold Marlet) creates a deliberate divide between husband and wife John (Peter Cushing) and Helen (Maureen Connell) Rollason.

Tom Friend (Forrest Tucker) has brought an artifact for Foxy (Richard Wattis), John and Helen to examine. Andrew McNee (Michael Brill) sits in the background, possibly trying to communicate with the Yeti.

Ed Shelley (Robert Brown) and Tom Friend (Tucker) stand with the mock-up of the creature never fully seen in the actual film.

The wise eyes of the Yeti.

Cover to Batman #337 by Jim Aparo

Interior pages from Batman #337 by Roy Thomas, Gerry Conway, Jose Luis Garcia Lopez (Praised Be His Name) and Steve Mitchell

Batman learns why the theif has gone homicidal, but...why didn't anyone think of Mr. Freeze?

The thief's flashback gives us our first look at JLGL's powerful Snowman.

Bruce is less than thrilled by his guest, Olympic ski champion Klaus Kristin... and not just because he didn't wipe his feet before entering the penthouse!

Code-approved comic goes BEASTIAL!!!

Batman rockin' those ski-boots!

Batman tries to convince himself he just didn't deliberately kill this guy!

Cover to Detective Comics #522 by Jim Aparo

Interior pages from Detective Comics #522 by Gerry Conway, Irv Novick and Pablo Marcos

Bruce spots Klaus Kristin in Picture News. For a murderous man-monster wanted by the law, and a super hero, he sure sucks at hiding!

Meanwhile, at Stately Wayne Manor...Batman gets the facts wrong from the previous story!

Kristin saves an overzealous Batman, but seems awfully happy about just being shot!

Daddy Yeti ain't happy about Batman dogging his boy!

A tender moment between father and son, and a Batman who knows when to step out of the way.

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