Super Mates 59: Star Trek 50th Anniversary Celebration

Chris and Cindy warp into the Final Frontier to share their favorite moments and lines from classic Star Trek! They open their hailing frequencies for transmissions from a Starfleet of podcasting stars who share their own Trek memories! Join Ryan Daly, Gene Hendricks, Rob Kelly, Andrew Leyland, The Irredeemable Shag, Siskoid and Paul Spataro as the USS Franklin slingshots around the sun into the future/past!

SPECIAL TREK CROSSOVER! Chris talks The Monsters of Star Trek with Derek M. Koch on Monster Kid RadioĀ 

Rob Kelly hosts The Film and Water Podcast

Siskoid is one of the hosts of First Strike: The Invasion! Podcast

Ryan Daly hosts Give Me Those Star Wars

The Irredeemable Shag hosts Justice League International: BWAH-HA-HA Podcast

Gene Hendricks hosts The Hammer Strikes Podcast

Andrew Leyland hosts The Palace of Glittering Delights

Paul Spataro co-hosts Listen to the Prophets: A Star Trek Deep Space Nine Podcast


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Clip credits:

Selected clips and music from Star Trek (the original series)

Selected clips and music from Star Trek: The Animated Series

Selected clips and music from the Star Trek motion picture series

32 responses to “Super Mates 59: Star Trek 50th Anniversary Celebration

  1. All great moments. Thanks again for letting me be a part of this, even if I was mercilessly abused for being a fan of TMP.

    I’m a bit surprised that Uhura’s line of “Sorry, neither.” went by with no discussion. Once I realized that she was saying that she was neither fair or a maiden, I can’t hear it without laughing. Talk about getting past the censors. šŸ™‚

    1. It was all in good fun Gene. I felt kind of bad about it. But hey, I like the Reb Brown Captain America movies, and there is really no defending them, so…

      We should have mentioned that line. It was one of Uhura’s best, and yes, surprisingly racy for the time. I was probably distracted with just the recording aspects of the show, and Cindy was too ga-ga over shirtless Takei to get around to it. šŸ™‚


      1. Completely understandable, since this episode probably had at least double the work required. Not the least of which was figuring out where to put each guest clip. You did a great job, Chris. šŸ˜€

  2. Lots of great moments. You surprised me with some. You played enough moments that always get to me too. Great stuff.

    It’s EE-Mah-n, I believe.

    And there’s absolutely nothing wrong with Zarabeth as a name, nicknames to Zara or Beth, great options for the name-holder later. Shame, Chris. SHAME.

    Loved it, guys.

        1. I didn’t realize “Siskoid” came from “Sisko” either until this episode. You may have told me before, but I don’t listen to y… What’s that shiny thing over there?

  3. GREAT episode guys!

    And FWIW I agree, I’ll take Trek V over The Motionless Picture any day.

    You touched on this a bit, but I do think TOS Season 3 gets a bad wrap. Sure, it has “Spock’s Brain” but it also has some real winners, like “Day of the Dove” which is on my top 3 fav episode list. Ah, if only we could get rid of an evil presence just by laughing at it. We’re seeing in real life how that doesn’t work…

    While Ryan did cheat a little by picking the Futurama episode, that show does deserve a mention in any history of the show. It’s the last time this group of actors was all together, not to mention its gut-bustingly hilarious. I think my fav line is when someone asks “What if they hate Star Trek?” to which Walter Keonig adds enthusiastically “Good question!”

    Great stinger at the end too–one of my fav scenes from any of the movies. If I had to break it down, I’d say:


    1. “Day of the Dove” is a great episode. Plus, Michael Ansara! My favorite Klingon…and Mr. Freeze.

      I love your F&W to Trek conversion. Perfect.


    2. Two Canadians in the cast and I’m Spock? Am I to be the “outsider” forever?

      With all the disparate hobbies, I’m Sulu if I’m anyone.

  4. Lots of great moments. I have to say Gene’s touched me, as he described the animated series episode and Spock’s decision. Having made the same decision a couple of months ago, the emotion of it came over me, as I listened to the clip. One of the thees of the show has been responsibility and the hard choices you have to make when you take responsibility for a life, or lives, as in the case of the crew. Spock takes responsibility to save the ship, at the cost of his life, Kirk takes responsibility to preserve the course of history by sacrificing love. Star Trek was very much about being an adult, yet keeping that wonder that childhood exploration brings. Maybe that’s why I love it so much.

    I’m going to be hitting my 50th birthday in a couple of months and the fact that a series that seemed to always be there, has only existed in my lifetime, is mindboggling. I discovered it, like all my contemporaries, in syndication, in the animated series, the Gold Key comics, the few books, the Mego figures, the toy phasers, communicators and tricorders; and the model kits. Whe cheered when the Space Shuttle test craft was named Enterprise, as members of the cast christened it. We were ecstatic when the movie was announced. We worked our way through mixed feelings about the movie and were rewarded by the best encapsulation of the series, in movie form. We were rewarded by more Trek and new Trek. new Trek is fine; but, this is my Trek. It is my life. It probably, subliminally, influenced my pursuing a Navy ROTC scholarship and serving in the Navy.

    I have trouble naming a favorite moment; but, if I narrow it to one, it’s the ending of “I, Mudd,” when Harry Mudd is presented with multiple Stella androids, who proceed to berate him and his failings. That was poetic justice writ large!

    1. You’re not alone, Jeff. I put my dog down years ago and I still get choked up watching that episode or listening to the clip. Probably because I was there when it happened, and that image comes back to me each time.

      I agree that the ending of “I, Mudd” was a great example of poetic justice. Of course, I like Harry Mudd, unlike, apparently, the majority of fans.

      1. I like Harry too. I guess I didn’t pick any moments from that episode or another favorite “A PIece of the Action”, because they are atypical. I personally find “The Trouble with Tribbles” fun but vastly overrated, although the brawl with the Klingons is a great moment. I agree with our pal Andy Leyland that Kirk is out of character in that episode. The ending of “I, Mudd” is great, and his wife scared the crap out of me as a kid! BRRR!!!

        We had to put our dog down a few years back as well, right as we started up this show, so all of this came back thinking about the TAS episode and Gene’s clip. Her name was Buggaloo, hence “Buggaloo Enterprises Worldwide”.


        1. Ah, now it makes sense. The dog I put down was named Thor, which is why there’s a “Thor Hendricks” listed as the “Editor’s Assistant” in the Tales of the Seventh Fleet credits. If I ever start a production company, I’m going to name it “Thunderdog Productions”. šŸ˜‰

        2. You mean it wasn’t named for an obscure Sid & Marty Kroftt Saturday morning series? I am shocked! I’m, possibly, the only one who remembers seeing the show, as a kid.

          1. I heard about that show AFTER the fact, or I remembered it after naming our dog. I’ve never seen the show, but recall seeing it featured in one of those famous Saturday Morning comic ads.


  5. Excellent episode. Several very affecting choices. And, the guests were all well chosen.

    My history with Star Trek is strange. (Well, to me it is.) I love the first 4 movies. (Yes, even the first one. Although, I fell asleep when I first saw it in the theater.) But, I just cannot get into any of the series. I’ve tried many times. Every few years, I try again… I almost purchased TOS on Blu-Ray from Target on Sunday. Every once in a while I’ll watch an episode and enjoy it. But, it does not stick with me. I figure that one day I’ll watch an episode… everything will click… and I’ll have a lot of great stuff to watch.

    I am a huge Doctor Who fan. And, I know that, in 2013 for the 50th anniversary, I had a great time. November, the actual anniversary, was incredible. Every day there was something new and fun appearing, culminating in the 50th Anniversary Special. It felt like there were two Christmases that year. One for Doctor Who nerds in November. And one for everyone else in December. I do, sincerely, hope that Star Trek fans are having as much fun as we did.

    Here’s hoping we all make it to the 100th.

    1. We got into Doctor Who shortly before that time, so it was like an embarrassment of riches in the back half of 2013 for sure!

      I can totally see why you can like the movies and not be able to get into the series. They have a different flavor, and the 10 years between the end of the TV series and the start of the film series witnessed a huge leap in film stylings. I do see the TOS Blu-Ray sets cheap nowadays, and I’m tempted to upgrade from my old plastic hardcase DVDs. Not sure about the new FX only, though.


      1. Can you turn the new FX off on TOS Blu-Rays like you can on the Doctor Who DVDs?

        I think that my mind thinks that Star Trek works best like Star Wars. Big epic movies rather than a TV series. That could explain it… Plus, there was nothing better than seeing Star Trek IV in a packed theater on Thanksgiving weekend. That was a very happy crowd.

        1. Having looked into the Blu-Ray sets, it seems you can choose between the original and enhanced FX. Now that I know that, I may have to upgrade….


          1. Yes, you can choose between the original or enhanced effects on the Bluray sets. They’re very nice.

  6. Definitely looking forward to this episode. The original Star Trek is my all-time favorite series. I’m sorry that we missed the call on this one. I’ll blame too many late nights and weekends at the office. We obviously missed out šŸ™

    Coincidentally, Ruth and I have a new episode of Trekker Talk coming out with our Star Trek Memories from the original series, the animated series, the comics, the movies, and the conventions.

    While we’ve already recorded it, I’ve scheduled it to post on September 1. I wanted it to be in September for the actual anniversary month.

    I’m sure I’ll write again later after I’ve listened to the episode šŸ™‚


    1. Sorry we didn’t think to hail you Darrin! I guess I didn’t know you and Ruth were THOSE kind of Trekkers! Looking forward to your Trek Memories!


  7. Chris & Cindy – Such a great episode!! You covered so many fantastic moments and really got me in the feelz (over and over). While my favorite films are II, IV, and VI; it was the line from III that got me the most during your episode:

    SCOTT: I’d be grateful, Admiral, if you’d give the word.
    KIRK: Gentlemen, …may the wind be at our backs. Stations please!.

    Thank you so very much for allowing me to contribute to the show in some small way!!

    Live Long and Prosper!!

    1. Thanks Shag. I had to get that line in there. I’ve always loved it, and it was used to kick off the Star Trek 25th Anniversary Special, which I still remember very fondly….and that was 25 years ago! YIKES!!!


  8. Hi Chris and Cindy,

    I just wanted to write to say that Ruth and I thoroughly enjoyed your Star Trek anniversary episode. I can tell that we have many of the same opinions in common.

    I absolutely agree that it is the characters and the original cast that makes me love Star Trek. Their performances still hold up after 50 years which is why the episodes can be watched over and over again.

    The memories from all of your guests were great. Ruth and I are both fans of Futurama, so we laughed out loud when Ryan chose that at his favorite Star Trek moment. Classic Ryan!

    I agree completely that even though it has a few duds, the third season is still filled with great episodes including Day of the Dove, The Tholian Web, For the World is Hollow and I Have Touched the Sky, The Paradise Syndrome, Elaan of Troyius, The Empath, and All Our Yesterdays. I really appreciated your comments about that latter episode and your mention of the excellent sequel books.

    The Enterprise Incident was always my favorite third season episode because I love the Romulans. It is unfortunate that they had to replace the Romulan ships with Klingon ships since the model of the Romulan ship from the first season had been lost.

    Like Gene, I love the animated series. I had already been watching Star Trek as a kid for several years when the animated series premiered and I was thrilled to have new episodes. It was the original cast doing the voices and the original writers working on the scripts. It is Star Trek’s fourth season as far as I’m concerned.

    Ruth and I really enjoyed the 25th Anniversary and Judgment Rites computer games from the early 1990s which I also felt captured the spirit of the original series the way the animated series did. Plus, the games again featured the original cast doing the voices.

    I really liked your idea of taking the audio tracks from the animated series and doing new computer animation for those episodes. That’s something I’ve repeatedly said myself and I was happy to hear someone else with the same idea. I’m still hoping šŸ™‚

    The recent Bluray sets do include both the original effects and the enhanced effects. I highly recommend them. Truthfully, I like the enhanced effects. I think they took the right approach, which was to recreate effects that fit the look of the series, but just a little better than what they could do in the 1960s. I watch the discs both ways and really think they did a great job with the effects. Just look at an episode like The Doomsday Machine as an example. The enhanced effects help with the menace of that episode as opposed to seeing a store bought model being used in some scenes like they had to do in the original version of the episode.

    As for the new movies, I do like them, but I don’t love them. I think they get many things right and the biggest thing they got right was the cast. It’s a great cast and they capture the characters very well. I don’t like the first movie as much as most people do, while I don’t dislike the second movie the way most people do. I think they are both good, though not great movies.

    I thought the latest movie was the best of the three recent movies. I really felt they captured the spirit of the original series in that movie and I applaud Simon Pegg’s writing for that, but then I’m a fan of his so maybe I’m biased.

    And I think the most magical moment in the recent movies is when ZQ Spock opens the box and sees LN Spock’s mementos. That was a lovely moment and brought a tear to my eye.

    I think the one thing that keeps me from loving the new movies happened in the first movie when the planet Vulcan was destroyed killing Spock’s mother and most Vulcans.

    Ruth turned to me in shock in the theater when that happened and I told her not to worry, because I was sure they would fix the timeline by the end of the movie … but they didn’t.

    I’m sorry, but the Spock I’ve known for 50 years would not have accepted the death of six billion Vulcans and he would not have gone off to establish a colony for the 10,000 remaining Vulcans. The Spock I know would have fixed the timeline and saved Vulcan and his mother. So, that one item prevents me from becoming fully vested in the new movies, though I do still like them in general and will keep going as long as they keep making them.

    I guess I’ve rambled on long enough. Ruth and I had a similar idea and the new episode of Trekker Talk that comes out September 1 features our Star Trek memories of the original series, the animated series, the movies, and the conventions we’ve attended. If you listen, I hope you enjoy our episode half as much as we enjoyed yours.

    Live Long and Prosper!


    1. Thanks Darrin! I’m really looking forward to your episode. I can never get enough Trek talk.

      I should have mentioned that I really don’t mind the new TOS FX overall. The Doomsday Machine in particular is VERY well done, and is the best one I’ve seen, and it has extensive “reshoots”. But they did a great job of making the effects match the look of the show while still giving it a fresh look. Not easy to do.

      My one gripe in general is I HATE the new opening credits sequence. Shatner sounds like he’s talking through a tin can, and the music drowns him out. I skip the credits when I watch these new versions on Netflix.


      1. Interesting comment about the credit sequence. I will go home and watch an episode tonight to listen more closely … any excuse to watch Star Trek is a good excuse. We watched Squire of Gothos a couple of nights ago so it’s time for another episode anyway šŸ™‚

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