Super Mates 67: The Lego Batman Movie!

Chris and Cindy welcome a very special guest, their daughter Dani, who drops by to discuss The Lego Batman Movie, and all the toys and tie-ins that come with it! SPOILER WARNING!

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Clip credits:

Clips from The Lego Movie and The Lego Batman Movie

“Wedding March” by Queen from Flash Gordon

“We Built This City” by Starship

18 responses to “Super Mates 67: The Lego Batman Movie!

  1. “All I gotta say is DOOGAL.”

    I had so much to say about this movie I thought about doing a special Film and Water on it, but I think you guys mostly covered it. I loved everything about it and I knew you’d all feel the same. I thought of Chris when I saw Man-Bat’s cameo!

    It occurred to me that with just a little tweaking, you could have used this movie’s basic plot as the template for BvS, had they decided to go that way. Batman is furious loner, then decides he needs a family! Bring in the JLA at the end and that could have been a great way to launch the DCU movie-verse.

    I very much enjoyed Dani’s enthusiasm throughout the show. It was fun to hear her here (say that three times fast), and then have her do the traditional sign off at the end of the show–you can tell how much she’s grown up in just a short period of time.

    “Where’s the Lego Firestorm Movie?”–sick burn on Shag!

    One final thing–I get what Cindy was saying about the Dick joke, but I must admit I laughed really hard, and since it was really the only joke of its kind in the whole movie, I thought it was fine. If there had been multiple gags like that maybe I would have had more of a problem, but it felt like the filmmakers were pushing the envelope Just Far Enough to make that one gag, then snap the movie back to a more family-friendly tone. Plus, yeah, kids can be cruel!

    We need a Lego Justice League Movie next! Aquaman needs to get some dialogue!

    1. Just so everyone knows, I asked the Robfather if we could cover this movie, since I was venturing into Film & Water Territory. I told him Dani would cry if he said no, so he generously granted our request. I did have to kiss his ring. It smelled like Cracker Jacks.

      Good call on the BvS angle. This movie is the Anti-BvS Equation.

      Yeah, as I was editing this together, I was struck by how much Dani’s voice had changed. Why can’t she age like Franklin Richards?

      I think the Dick joke bit just set off our Parent Radar, Cindy’s moreso than mine. My inner Butt-Head chuckled at it, while my Ward Cleaver frowned a bit.

      Lego JLA all the way!!!

  2. Chris, I’m looking forward to hearing what Cindy, Dani and you have to say about The Lego Batman Movie, but I have to wait until I see it with my family this weekend. I shall return.

  3. Hi Cindy and Chris! Great show! Dani was a great guest star and she did an excellent job! Sometimes I feel a bit jaded with certain comics or fandom, so hearing Dani’s enthusiasm and excitement about Batman and Legos from her perspective restored my faith and lifted my spirits. She’s a very cool kid and has great parents! Hopefully, she can make a return appearance.

    Cindy, I agree with you about the joke. Everyone else in the theater at my showing though apparently disagreed with me. Still, a great movie.

    Chris, like you, I had no idea where I had seen March Harriet before when I was shown her Lego figure by some female employees at my local comic book store after they opened some blind packs for themselves. I thought I knew most of the Batman D-list “mort” villains, but I had to look up that she first appeared in Detective Comics #841 cover dated April 2008 in a story entitled “The Wonderland Gang” written by Paul Dini and penciled by Dustin Nguyen.

    Thanks y’all for making my day!

    1. Thanks Chris! I THINK I may have that comic, but I did quit modern comics cold turkey for a bit around that time, so I may have missed March Harriet’s debut. I dont’ know why I didn’t use this thing called “The Google” and just look her up. Too much work, I guess!

      To be honest, my kids have helped to recharge my fandom batteries many times. When I get jaded and cynical about the direction of my favorite characters, I see how sometimes they are still genuinely excited, and I have to reevaluate somewhat.

      Glad we could brighten your day a bit!


  4. It was a week later than I’d planned, but we finally got out to see Lego Batman yesterday. I have to agree with Dani’s assessment of the movie, it was awesome. As was this episode. My daughter agrees as well, on both counts. She listened along with me to this episode, and was continually cracking up as you described scenes that she remembered from the movie. Her favorite scene was Batman’s dramatic sacrifice after saving Gotham City (the second time), which ended with her tears turning to laughter.

    On a somewhat more critical note, I did find myself enjoying the first half of the movie more than the second half, but I’m not sure why. I don’t know if it was something about the movie, or something about me. It could just have been that I was starting to feel tired after eating lunch. I guess I’ll have to watch it again to figure that out. As if I needed another reason to rewatch this film.

    1. On my second viewing, I caught myself liking the first half just a slight bit better than the second half. But that is probably just because the first half is SO strong and doesn’t let up for a good long while.

      Glad you and your daughter enjoyed it like we did!


  5. Hey Chris, Cindy and Dani. Finally got around to seeing the Batman Lego movie a few days ago, so I thought I’d give your show about it a listen as well. Like pretty much everyone else here, I’m in Dani’s awesome camp on this one. In fact, I’d rank this right up there with the only two other Batman movies I like: the first one from the 1960s and the first Burton one.
    Anyway, just wanted to say I enjoyed the show; you’ll have to work out that contract stuff with Dani’s agents and lawyers so she can appear on more than just your movie shows.
    By the way, you mispronounced the name of the voice actress who played Clayface. I would try to explain how it is, in fact, pronounced, but I think she does that best herself: (go to 3:15).

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