Super Mates 76 Gallery

Lobby Card for House of Dracula featuring the unfortunate advertising of the sweet Nina as a monster.

John Carradine's finest moment as Dracula in Universal's films.

Lon Chaney, Jr. and his pencil thin mustache confront Onslow Stevens.

Dr. Edelmann goes bad and plans to revive the Monster (Glenn Strange)!

Creepy Steinmuhl (Skelton Knaggs)!

Promo shot of Lon Chaney's Wolf Man menacing Jane Adams and Martha O'Driscoll!

Vintage shot of a theater decked out to show the movie!

Super Friends title card. I love these.

Dracula has risen from the grave!

The deadly dust makes anyone into a vampire!

The Super Friends can't throw a punch...but here we get a satanic altar. Really?

They've got laser eyes, so help me God, laser eyes!

Super Vampire!!! Where Skeeter and Baron Ruthven failed, Dracula succeeds!

An example of the creepy still shots of the villagers turned vampires!

Vampire Twins Powers, Activate! Shape of a bat! Form of Holy Water...oh wait...


2 responses to “Super Mates 76 Gallery

  1. Love the Superfriends screengrabs. Think FIgures Toy Co will produce a line of vampiric Superfriends? I’ll settle for just ‘vamped up’ Wondertwins and Gleek.

    1. I would love to see a subline of Super Vampire, Vampire Twins and Dracula from this episode. Throw in Dr. Frankesntein, his main monster, the Super-Amalgamated Monster, Gor, Voodoo Vampire, etc, and that would make for a great run of figures.


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