Super Mates 77 Image Gallery

Dr. Phibes painting by the legendary Basil Gogos

Vincent Price as the mad genius Anton Phibes

Phibes' fashionable assistant Vulnavia (Virginia North) breaks the fourth wall.

Phibes and Vulnavia dance in his art deco palace while the strange clockwork band plays on.

Phibes' shrine to his dead wife, Victoria (played by Hammer Glamour star Caroline Munro).

A victim of one of Phibes' "plagues". EWWWWW....

Dr. Vesalius (Joseph Cotten) confronts Phibes to save his son.

Phibes' true visage revealed!

Poster from the initial ad campaign that confused audiences.

Dr. Phibes by... Jack Kirby?!? The King apparently proposed some kind of Phibes comic sereis in the 70s.

Batman #360 cover by Ed Hannigan and Dick Giordano

The Savage Skull attacks on this great splash by Don Newton, Pablo Marcos and Ron Randall.

The Skull revealed!!!

The art and color by Adrienne Roy combine for a fantastic flashback page.

The Savage Skull meets his fate...or does he?

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