Super Mates 78: Thor Ragnarok and Feedback!

Chris and Cindy read YOUR comments on shows for the past 8 episodes! But first they share their thoughts on Thor: Ragnarok, both general and spoilery!!!

Thor: Ragnarok Spoilers start at 11:30 and end at 18:09!

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15 responses to “Super Mates 78: Thor Ragnarok and Feedback!

  1. So Cindy is starting her own protection racket, huh? In that case, is there a DC Girls or Forces of Destiny toy that she or Dani would like for Christmas? Anything to keep her from breaking my thumbs or burning down my store.

  2. Hey guys, enjoyed the show and not because you said my name a lot.

    “I respond to comments a lot…more than the other guys.” For a guy who doesn’t like Twitter, you sure are good at sub-tweeting Chris!

    I liked Thor 3 a bit, but wasn’t overwhelmed by it. The mixture of heavy and goofy didn’t bother me, but I felt that it was still a fairly boiler plate Marvel movie, with Taika Waititi’s directorial hand only really seen at the margins. I don’t think Marvel will ever be comfortable letting a director put too much of themselves in one of their movies, and after 17 films I’m ready for the formula to be shaken up. Maybe Black Panther…

    1. That was my “get out of feedback jail free” card. I feel kind of bad about using it now. Kind of… but not completely. 😉

      I haven’t seen Waititi’s other films, although I really need to. I thought Thor 3 was pretty stylish and different, but maybe its because I don’t know his stuff.

      Black Panther does look like it could be one of those “wilder” Marvel films, out on the fringe. Kind of like Ant-Man. Although Ant-Man would have been even more out there, had they not switched directors…


  3. Great episode, Franklins! Thanks for reading a few of my emails on the show!

    I really liked “Thor: Ragnarok”. It’s a fun, cosmic romp that I think we’ve all been waiting for from the Thor films. I liked how, while it referenced Marvel films from the past, “Ragnarok” didn’t seem like a film that existed pretty much just to set up future films (I’m looking at you, “Age of Ultron”). The characters were all great, the acting was on point, and the mixture of humor and action/drama didn’t pull me out of the story at all, although this may change with subsequent viewings. All in all, one of my favorite movies in the MCU to date. Is it Winter Soldier? No, of course not. But it isn’t Iron Man 3, either. I think it’s more comparable to the Guardians of the Galaxy films in tone, and that’s not really a bad thing. Interested in seeing where Marvel Studios will be taking the Thor character from this point on.

    Thanks again for another great episode!

    1. Hey Shawn!

      I was hoping to see Thor again last weekend, but didn’t get around to it. I’d really like to watch it again now that I will be ready for what’s coming at me. I still enjoyed it quite a bit. It was very GOTG-like, which I think was VERY intentional. I do think those films balanced the drama and the humor a bit more deftly, but that’s my opinion.

      Thanks as always for listening, and writing in!


  4. I just wanted to comment on Thor Ragnarok before diving into the feedback section of the episode. Ragnarok was hands down my favorite of the Thor movies, and I get the feeling that I like the first two films more than most MCU fans.

    When it comes to the drama-comedy balance, I do agree that the film erred on the side of comedy, but I did feel the climax at the end of the film was appropriately dramatic. Speaking of the end of the film, I truly loved the way the conflict was resolved here. I think I’ve mentioned it before, but I’m a sucker for stories where the protagonist manages to win by losing. Hopefully, that’s vague enough to not be a spoiler.

    1. I thought the ending was clever, and not Rob’s omnipresent blue beam climax. The Marvel films are really good about NOT going the easy, phoned-in way out. They usually stick the landing.


  5. OK. I finished the feedback marathon, and it was a lot fun to revisit all of those past episodes.

    I’m glad you guys enjoyed my rotenone ramble, and I want to thank you and the Creature for the opportunity to share some of the impractical knowledge stored in my brain. I’m sure you would be as amazed as I am at how difficult it is to work facts about rotenone into casual conversation.

  6. As per my tradition with your show, I’m posting my comment with a bit of a delay (although at least this one can’t be measured in years); I wanted to actually watch Ragnarok (mission accomplished last night) before listening to your thoughts.
    I loved the movie pretty much unreservedly. It was just so much fun, even with all of the relatively dark things that happened. In fact, in that regard it seemed to really capture the feel of Simonson’s fabled run on Thor: that’s fun from start to finish, but also not without many rather weighty and dark occurrences. (And I just loved the several direct hat-tips to Simonson’s run in the movie, like the fight between Thor and Hela, Skurge/Executioner redeeming himself, with machine guns, and pretty much every scene with Surtur – heck, the only thing missing was Beta-Ray Bill.) Also, since Hulk, Valkyrie and Dr. Strange all appeared, this was almost a classic Defenders film!

    Otherwise, I have to say that I’m honored to have had a whole section of the feedback dedicated to my comments…

    1. Glad you really enjoyed it Edo. I did too, just with those tonal reservations. I see your point on the Simonson run. It did have many of those elements, and of course a WHOLE lot of Kirby design! I didn’t get a chance to see it again, but who knows, maybe over the holidays.

      And you send in whatever feedback you want, when you want. We’ll read it! And we’ll read at least parts of it on air!


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