Super Mates 80: The Last Jedi, Feedback and a MAJOR announcement!

Chris and Cindy do their geeky duty and weigh in on The Last Jedi. Spoilers end at 17:10. Then they read YOUR comments from the last two episodes, and wrap up with a HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT on an exciting NEW PODCAST PROJECT!

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Clip credits:

“Wedding March” by Queen from Flash Gordon

Justice League Unlimited opening theme by Michael McCuistion

Clip from Justice League Unlimited, "Initiation"

16 responses to “Super Mates 80: The Last Jedi, Feedback and a MAJOR announcement!

  1. Looking forward to the new show! Particularly your coverage of things like the ‘In Blackest Night’ & ‘Hearts & Minds’ episodes, and some of my favorites like ‘The Savage Time’, ‘The Terror Beyond’, ‘Comfort and Joy’, ‘The Greatest Story Never Told’, ‘Wake the Dead’, ‘The Once and Future Thing’, …..

    Holy crap I have a lot of favorite episodes. I’m going to have to bust out my DVD box set and start rewatching these again!

    1. Thanks Chad! Yes, so much goodness in JL/JLU. I know Timm is hard on himself for the first season, but even those episodes are head and shoulders above just about any other super hero adaptation. It’s been a long time since we revisited the first season, so it should be fun re-exploring those early stories.

      Watch along with us!


  2. I look forward to the new direction. I have to side with CinFrank’s side on this one – the JLU cartoon were probably the best version of DCU characters (except for Superman: The Movie and the 90s Flash TV series). And that’s me saying that with many years of DC readin’ (putting it in your accent).

      1. Looking forward to the new focus on JLU. It’s my favorite version of the League. The stories and characterizations were top notch and the voice cast was fantastic. I’m glad Justice League Action (now available on DVD) has been carrying on the fun.

        I hope you guys will also do some spotlights on the JLU comics which were fun too.

          1. Duly noted on the comics, folks. I bought them irregularly, and I know our son Andrew has a dog-earred stack. There was at least one trade at Ollie’s in the big DC buyout. I might have to sneak back over there this weekend…


        1. Normal for you is abnormal for others.

          Or as the Bandit put it:

          “When you tell somebody somethin’, it depends on what part of the country you’re standin’ in… as to just how dumb you are.”

          1. I have to admit that when I heard “major announcement” from the Franklins my first thought was either their getting divorced or having a baby. Glad you decided to go with a new podcast!

  3. Might I offer a suggestion for JLUCast?

    I remember hearing somewhere that the JL/JLU writers would deliberately have a scene where Batman does something cool in each episode he appears. I think it was a way to explain why Batman was worth hanging out with this gathering of super-powered people. When I heard that you were going to have a special category for “Best Move by a Character” (I think that’s how you phrased it), I was worried that Batman would overshadow this category whenever he shows up. I was wondering if you could split this category up into “Best Move by a Character (who’s not Batman)” and “Best Move by Batman”, maybe? That way Batman gets his spotlight but doesn’t bat-block anyone else from having a cool moment too.

    Also, my daughter was a big fan of the “Static Shock” series. I seem to recall (while watching from the kitchen while making dinner), that the JL showed up in couple of episodes. Might they be covered in a future webisode?

    Keep up the great and fun work! Looking forward to the future!

    1. Good idea Sphinx. We recorded episode 1, and we note that Timm and company REALLY love Batman, and they definitely seem more comfortable with him at first. And we even mention that they play into the “Bat-God” thing Morrison kick-started in his JLA run. Your suggestion of having a “Power Action Feature” for other Leaguers, and giving Batman his own special category is a good one. We will take that under advisement.

      We will definitely be covering all of the Static crossover episodes. Season 3 hit on DVD today!


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