Super Mates 81: JLMay Crossover – Silver Age: Teen Titans

JLMay continues! Titans Together as Chris and Cindy discuss Silver Age: Teen Titans one-shot. The Fab Fivesome, a cyborg sheriff, mind-controlled teens, and body-swapped Justice Leaguers make for a far-out flashback tale!

Follow the JLMay crossover on these great podcasts below! Each show will cover another chapter of the Silver Age fifth week event! Use the hashtag #JLMay when discussing the crossover on social media!

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9 responses to “Super Mates 81: JLMay Crossover – Silver Age: Teen Titans

  1. This story can’t help but remind me of “Operation: Jail the Justice League!” from JLA #65, where heroes and villains switch bodies (IIRC Batman even switches with Penguin!). It’s a classic trope and perfect fodder for this throwback kind of tale.

    The cover, of course, is the real special treat here–Nick Cardy AND Dave Gibbons? What a combo!

    Happy that Super Mates is back, if even for this one-off engagement!

    1. Yep, this whole stunt seems to be a Post-Crisis retelling of that story. Love that cover with the half-Batman/half-Penguin, during JLA’s “BATMAN MUST BE HUGE ON THE COVER!” phase of 66-67.

      Super Mates shall return! Just not as much as JLUCast. 😉

  2. Great show, as always. This is my first JLMay, and it focuses on an event that I completely skipped back when it came out. I can’t think of a reason for having given it a pass, other than only having so much money to spend, but regardless, I was aware of it, but I never so much as peeked behind the covers. That all being said, I’ve listened to all the installments that I could find so far (WFD is not up yet, etc), and as expected, you and your fellow pod people have done a great job of sharing the experience of reading these books with us. Thanks again, Super-Mates!

  3. This issue sounds closer to the mark than the issue discussed on Coffee and Comics. Taking a look at the art samples you shared, it looks very gray. Sure, the star characters are in their bright primary colors, but the backgrounds are uniformly gray. Bleah. Nice analysis of Wolfman’s style, Chris. He contributed so much to the characters of Dick, Wally, Donna, and even Roy, that he must have a strong sense of how they should speak.
    I’m glad that Super-Mates was part of JLMay. I feel disloyal listening to so many non-Fire & Water podcasts!

    1. Thanks Ward. Good call on the gray. I hadn’t thought of it, but yeah, the book is very monochromatic other than the Titans. And gray wasn’t a popular color to use in the Silver Age, since it was hard for the old printing process to handle (hence the Hulk going from gray to green after one issue).

      Don’t feel bad about branching out to other fine podcasts, so long as you don’t ditch F&W for any of them! 😉


  4. A fine job as always, Franklins! Hmm, maybe after JLUCast, you both could cover the Teen Titans cartoon? Hmmm?

  5. And now the Justice’s First Dawn website is completely gone. So now that episode is lost to time forever…unless anybody knows somewhere to find the other episodes?

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