Super Mates 82 House of Franklin-Stein Image Gallery

Classic poster for the film. There are many variations on this theme... this one!

A classic publicity shot. The full length version of this photo shows the Wolf Man in shoes!

A behind-the-scene shot of real-life friends Glenn Strange and Lon Chaney. Note the Wolf Man is in mid-transformation!

Dracula breaks Vampire Rule Number 1. But hey, Sandra is digging it!

Chaney fills in for the injured Strange as the Monster in this scene!

The DC House Ad that haunted Chris for nearly 40 years!

Super Friends #28 cover by Ramona Fradon and Bob Smith

Hey, is that the Hulk? So does this guy really become the Hulk later? And wait isn't that...?

It is! In an unexpected tie-in to the last's Felix Faust!

Leftover Silver Age wackiness abounds on this page. Lycanthropic Jimmy Olsen knows Batman and Robin's secret identities...but not Superman's?

Super Friends vs. Super Fiends! Now this is a Monster Rally!!!

A guest appearance by Johnny Thunder (?), and Superman winks at the audience over Batman's Secret ID? Mind your own business, Kal!


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