Super Mates 83 Image Gallery

The best scene in Silver Bullet? Probably. Check out the werewolf baby!!!

Dying werewolf, or drunken man in bear suit? You decide.

Gary Busey suffers for his art. That's a real cut on his forearm!

The following illustrations are by the great Berni Wrightson from Stephen King's Cycle of the Werewolf. Thanks to Ryan Daly for pointing me toward these!

The book's version of the first murder.

Werewolf congregation!

The Sheriff's death is even more gruesome here.

Billy Murray as Reverend Lowe? Now THAT would have been quite surprising!!!

Marty fires the movie's titular bullet.

The following pages are from Captain America: Red, White & Blue, "An Epic Battle" by Darko Macan and Bruce Timm

The first page of the story is this awesome splash!

Cap meets another supernatural Baron...

Even on a static page, Timm's work is full of animation. And Kirby!

This werewolf not only rocks the Oliver Reed look, he makes Cap think a bit.

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  1. hey Chris and Cindy! As a lifelong wheelchair user who got a motechair in 1984 I can testify that there’s NO WAY IN HELL a homemade moter chair worked that well in 1976! My factory made chair lost it’s conection to the battery EVERY TIME it hit a bump! The chair is WAY LESS believable than a werewolf!

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