Super Mates 90 Image Gallery

Images from Bram Stoker's Dracula, directed by Francis Ford Coppola

In his ribbed, muscle-like armor, Vlad mourns Elesebeta. The familiar-looking priest in the back is about to break some bad news.

Gary Oldman, barely recognizable in the Oscar-winning costume and makeup. It certainly ISN'T Lugosi-like!!!

Jonathan Harker finds Dracula a most, most heinous host.

Werewolf of London: The Horny Edition.


While her fiancee is tortured, Mina makes time with the handsome prince, and remembers her past life.

Chris doesn't care for Crying Bat-Face Drac variant figure. Collect them all!

Lucy's destruction is always a high-point in any Dracula adaptation, and this one doesn't disappoint!!!

Tom Waits goes big instead of going home as the over-the-top mad Renfeild. MAWSTER!!!

Stoker's full team of vampire hunters is assembled in this version, including the always missing Quincy Morris.

Kirk Langstrom is far more handsome. Dracula's bat-form is nightmare fuel!

The last sight Dracula sees brings us full circle.

Images from Super Friends (1980) "The Voodoo Vampire", directed by Ray Patterson

Kirby + Storm = Vampiress, the Voodoo Vampire!!!

Check out the bling on that grill! And fang lasers!!!

This doesn't change Batman into a vampire, somehow. And if they can show this, why the need for fang lasers?

Black Vulcan's "pew-pew" lightning doesn't seem to be a match for Vampire Halitosis!

Superman and Aquaman turned to vampires... or mouth-breathing "people of Walmart"?

Wonder Woman has her bracelets full, and she's in on Black Vulcan's insane plan!

Even rudimentary physics need not apply on Super Friends!

These scenes of nice lighting effects probably blew the entire budget for the season.

Superman makes a Dad joke, and Batman gives him the kidding stinkeye. Roll the Cap'n Crunch commercial!

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