Super Mates 92 Image Gallery

Some alternate international poster designs for The Gorgon

A colorized lobby card gives the gray-haired Paul (Richard Pasco) blonde hair. Watch the movie, people!

This one's a bit better. Poor Paul is about succumb to Gorgonization, and make a startling discovery.

Christopher Lee and his pet mustache prepare to whack off the head of Prudence Hyman!

Cindy didn't care for Cushing's mutton-chop/stache connection.

Namaroff listens as Carla gives her spy report.

Barbara Shelley sells her discomfort in the arms of the manipulative Doctor Namaroff.

Tiny but mighty Terence Fisher gives direction to the towering Christopher Lee.

Dear Prudence, won't you come out to slay? An early makeup test for Prudence Hyman as Megaera, before the scaly skin and red eyes were applied.

The finished product, not as bad as advertised.

Images from Hawkman #25, May 1968. Story by Bob Haney, art by Dick Dillin and Chuck Cuidera

The sexy Super Skrull DOES not appear in this issue!

Hard-up Professor Martin lets loose the spirit of the obviously evil Medusa.

DAM! That had to hurt, Katar!

I think Gentleman Ghost is going to have to step aside. PETA is obviously Hawkman's arch nemesis!

Super Medusa/Shiera conjures up a fire-breathing Minotaur, because, Zany Haney, and the colorist drops the ball in the last panel.

Hawkman smashes the statue...and gets lucky that Shiera isn't street pizza outside!

Shiera is back to her matronly locks, and Professor Martin is in need of some Super Glue.




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