Super Mates Episode 14: The Bride of Frankenstein and Superman vs. Dracula and Frankenstein

Welcome to the House of Franklin-stein! It’s part one of our blood-curdling horror series, where Chris and Cindy Franklin take a look at some of their favorite classic horror films, and comics featuring super heroes vs. legendary monsters!

First up is 1935’s masterpiece, Bride of Frankenstein! Boris Karloff returns as the monster, and he demands a mate! Colin Clive is back as reluctant Dr. Henry Frankenstein, forced to return to his mad experiments at the insistence of his own creation, and the devilish Dr. Pretorius. Both are after an Eve for the monster’s Adam. That’s where the Bride, played by Elsa Lanchester comes in! It’s a hair-raising, hissing film experience brought to you by the original master of the macabre, James Whale. Join the Super Mates for a lively discussion on Universal’s finest hour!

Then it’s off to the dusty longboxes, deep in the House of Franklin-stein to pull out Superman #344. The cover by Jose Luis Garcia Lopez (Praise Be His Name) promises a spine-tingling throw-down between the Man of Steel, the Prince of Darkness, and the Modern Prometheus. Does the actual story live up to the hype? It’s by Paul Levitz, Len Wein and Curt Swan…what do you think?

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Next time: It’s part two of The House of Franklin-Stein! Jump into blood-soaked color with Hammer’s Horror of Dracula! Christopher Lee is one bad-arse vampire, and Peter Cushing is so good as Van Helsing he makes Hugh Jackman cry! Plus, a super hero comic that ties into this movie in a very cool and unexpected way! Be there!

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  1. Guess it’s about time to listen to your [b]Bride of Frankenstein[/b] discussion in preparation for your latest episode! Glad you folks at the network keep these old episodes available for downloading even all these years later! 🙂

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