Super Mates Episode 16: The Wolf Man and Spider-Man vs. Werewolf by Night!

On our third trip to the House of Franklin-stein, Chris and Cindy are joined by their son Andrew to discuss his (and Chris’) favorite Universal Monster film, 1941’s The Wolf Man!

Lon Chaney, Jr. gives an iconic performance as the doomed Larry Talbot, the prodigal son who returns to his Welsh home only to stumble into a nightmarish world of ancient folklore and gypsy curses! When Larry intervenes to save a life, he is bitten by a wolf, or was it a werewolf? Will Larry convince his father, Sir John (played by Claude Rains) of his plight in time, or is his fate sealed? It’s Greek tragedy with rubber snouts and yak’s fur!!!

Then we rummage once again through our cobwebbed longboxes and dig out Marvel Team-Up #12, featuring Spider-Man and The Werewolf by Night! Our friendly neighborhood wallcrawler is on assignment in San Francisco when he stumbles upon a mad (and we do mean bat-crap crazy) plot involving Marvel’s favorite lycanthrope, Jack Russell, a handful of mind-controlled civilians, and the mysterious magician known as Moondark! Will Spidey survive? Will the Franklins? Listen on!

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Next time: It’s our final trip into the House of Franklin-stein, as Chris, Cindy and returning son Andrew dish on the modern revamp of the classic monster rally films: 1987’s The Monster Squad! We’ll discuss Wolfman anatomy, how to successfully redesign classic monsters, and more! Plus, one final tie-in super hero/monster mash-up! It’s a Halloween blow-out!!!

One response to “Super Mates Episode 16: The Wolf Man and Spider-Man vs. Werewolf by Night!

  1. This isn’t even the weirdest Spider-Man/Werewolf-by-Night story I’ve heard. During the more recent Infinity event, Peter Parker became the Arachknight and fought Goblin-by-Night. Keep up the work, I look forward to the next episode.

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