Super Mates Episode 28: The Animated Deaths of Superman

Favorite (and only) son Andrew Franklin rejoins his parents, Chris and Cindy to take a look at two, count ‘em, TWO deaths of Superman! No not those two from the comics, two from the heralded DCAU, or the Timmverse, if you prefer!

First up, from Superman: The Animated Series comes “The Late Mr. Kent”. On a mission to save an innocent man on death row, Clark Kent is seemingly killed! How can the still breathing Man of Steel resurrect his alter-ego, and manage to save the innocent man in his final minutes?

Then, it’s time for a trip to the “Hereafter”. This Justice League animated episode features the Superman Revenge Squad finally breaking even…when Toyman kills the Last Son of Krypton. The Earth and the League mourn the loss of their greatest hero, but 30, 000 years in the future, on a world with a red sun, the Man of Tomorrow rises. To return home he must find his lost comrades and team up with…Vandal Savage?

It’s the animated team, and Superman at their finest!

Listen on!

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Next time: Gene Hendricks of The Hammer Podcasts, The Quantum Cast, and Anime Freaks drops by to discuss a nearly (and possibly, rightfully) forgotten comic-to-TV adaptation: the original Wonder Woman movie starring Cathy Lee Crosby!

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